Resilience, Water and the Environment

Building a Resilient Arizona and Securing Our Water Future

Arizona should be the best place to live, work, and raise a family. But today, compounding threats — to our water, our natural resources, and our climate — are already disrupting our economy, our livelihoods, and our way of life. Outdated management and infrastructure leave too many of our neighbors without clean, safe, and reliable water. Wildfires, extreme heat, and drought are wreaking havoc on our forests, parks, rivers, and lakes. And as the effects of climate change become more extreme and unpredictable, the need to transition to a sustainable clean energy economy becomes increasingly urgent. 

Governor Hobbs will prioritize addressing  the burgeoning water crisis, preserve our natural resources, and build a 21st-century clean energy economy that puts Arizona on a path to long-term prosperity. Governor Hobbs will: 

  • Secure and modernize Arizona’s water supply by better conserving and managing our water, investing in and upgrading our infrastructure, and providing the leadership needed to bring Arizonans together so that every stakeholder has a seat at the table.

  • Protect Arizona’s precious natural resources, like our forests, parks, and bodies of water, from the devastating effects of climate change that we’re already experiencing.

  • Invest in a 21st-century clean energy economy that lowers costs for Arizonans, diversifies our energy infrastructure, and addresses the challenges brought by climate change.

Arizona is one of just a handful of states without a dedicated state agency charged with overseeing sustainability and energy programs. That’s why Governor Hobbs will also establish the Governor’s Resiliency Office, tasked with securing our water supply and advancing a clean energy economy in partnership with state agencies, businesses, underserved communities, and tribal communities.

In order to build a future with long-term prosperity, we cannot rush to implement ideas that need to be thoughtfully and collaboratively developed. Governor Hobbs knows we need everybody at the table, which is why she will prioritize stakeholder cooperation and planning, regional discussions and negotiations on Colorado River issues and groundwater management, and advancing negotiations of tribal water settlements. That’s how, together, we can build a sustainable, resilient, and more livable Arizona.