Health and Reproductive Rights

Expanding Access To Care and Helping Families Thrive

As a social worker and as a domestic violence advocate, Governor Hobbs has seen firsthand the devastating effects that a dangerous, traumatizing, or unplanned pregnancy can have on a woman and her family. As a public official, she’s tirelessly fought to protect our right to reproductive health care for more than a decade. 

The decision to have a child should rest solely between a woman and her doctor, not the government or politicians.

That’s why Governor Hobbs will work fearlessly to increase access to abortion services and reproductive care, use her veto pen to oppose any restrictive and extreme measures coming from the legislature, and make sure that women and families have the resources they need to thrive right here in Arizona.

Governor Hobbs’ priorities include:

  • Repealing the draconian 1901 law that criminalizes abortion and requires prison time for doctors.

  • Expanding access to family planning resources so that every Arizonan, regardless of their background or income, has access to proper reproductive care.

  • Using regulatory and enforcement power to protect women and medical professionals.

  • Investing in evidence-based prevention programs and medically accurate sex education.