Governor Katie Hobbs Legislative Action Update

News Release

March 18, 2024

Phoenix, AZ – Today, Governor Hobbs took the following legislative action:

HB 2570, Planning; Home Design; Restrictions; Prohibition

“I was elected on a promise to bring thoughtful leadership to the Governor’s Office and always do the right thing for the people of this state, even when it’s hard,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. “Unfortunately, this expansive bill is a step too far and I know we can strike a better balance. This is unprecedented legislation that would put Arizonans at the center of a housing reform experiment with unclear outcomes.

“For instance, the Department of Defense contacted my office while this bill was on my desk to state their opposition. Firefighters shared significant public safety concerns. ​​In addition, hundreds of Arizonans and community leaders from across the state have contacted my office about this legislation, with over 90% requesting a veto. While this expansive proposal is not the right step for our state, I believe there is great promise in other legislative efforts to build more attainable housing. I am supportive of ongoing efforts in the legislature to reach a more balanced solution on other reforms that are still moving through the process including proposals related to accessory dwelling units (ADUs, also known as casitas), missing middle housing options, commercial repurpose and reuse, and streamlining local approval processes. And I ask that interested stakeholders engage productively in those conversations.”

SB1059, judgments; interest rates
SB1270, reciprocal deposits; escrow agents; definitions
SB1436, offenses; lifetime injunction
SB1560, public schools; noncertificated personnel; discipline
HB2379, internal revenue code; conformity

Read veto letter, request from Department of Defense, and request from the Professional Fire Fighters Association of Arizona below.