Governor Katie Hobbs Legislative Action Update

News Release

March 28, 2023

PHOENIX Governor Hobbs took the following actions on legislation today.


  • Signed SB1036Setting Aside Conviction; Cert. Eligibility

  • Signed SB1051Census Adjustment; Population Threshold

  • Vetoed SB1063Food; Municipal Tax; Exemption. 

  • Signed SB1078Podiatric Medical Assistants; Radiation; exemption

  • Vetoed SB1096Firearms; Contracts; Prohibited Practices

  • Signed SB1173Public Retirement Systems; Plan Election

  • Signed SB1190Department of Revenue; Administration

  • Signed SB1211County Attorney; Representation; Duties

  • Signed SB1218Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board

  • Signed SB1283Dental Board; Annual Report; Website

  • Signed SB1473Tax Corrections Act of 2023


See SB 1063 veto letter below.

See SB 1096 veto letter below.