Arizona Governors
Governor Doug Ducey
Doug Ducey
2015 to Present

Governor Doug Ducey was elected on November 4, 2014 and was sworn into office on January 5, 2015, becoming Arizona’s 23rd governor. Learn more

George W. P. Hunt Gubernatorial terms 1912-1917, 1918, 1923-1929, 1931-1933
George W. P. Hunt
1912 to 1917, 1918, 1923 to 1929, 1931 to 1933

Born in Huntsville, Missouri, Hunt served as the first mayor of Globe, AZ, in the Arizona Territorial Legislature, the Arizona Territorial Council, and as a delegate to the DNC. Hunt became the first AZ governor. Read more on

Thomas E. Campbell
Thomas E. Campbell
1919 to 1923

Born at Fort Whipple and raised in Prescott, Campbell served in the Territorial Legislature and as Arizona State Tax Commissioner. Campbell was narrowly elected in 1916 and served for one year before the States Supreme Court ruled that George W.P. Hunt was the election winner. Campbell served as Governor from January 1919 to January 1923. Read more on

John C. Phillips Gubernatorial term 1929-1931
John C. Phillips
1929 to 1931

Born in Illinois, Phillips became the first Maricopa County Superior Court judge. Phillips served in both the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives. Read more on

Benjamin B. Moeur Gubernatorial term 1933-1937
Benjamin B. Moeur
1933 to 1937

Born in Decherd, Tennessee, Moeur earned a medical degree from Arkansas Industrial University. He was a member of the Arizona Constitutional Convention, the Tempe School Board, and Tempe Normal School Board (now ASU). Read more on

Rawghlie C. Stanford Gubernatorial term 1937-1939
Rawghlie C. Stanford
1937 to 1939

Born in Texas, Stanford served in the Spanish-American War, was elected to the Maricopa County Superior Court, served on the Phoenix Union high School Board of Education, and as chairman of the State Democratic Central Committee. Read more on

Robert T. Jones Gubernatorial term 1939 to 1941
Robert T. Jones
1939 to 1941

Born in Rutledge, Tennessee, Jones was a self-taught engineer, having worked on several construction projects as well as founder of the Jones Drug Company. He served in the Arizona Senate. Read more on

Sidney P. Osborn Gubernatorial term 1941-1948
Sidney P. Osborn
1941 to 1948

Arizona's only governor to serve four consecutive terms, Osborn was born in Phoenix, graduated from Phoenix Union High School and attended Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Read more on

Daniel E. Garvey Gubernatorial term 1948-1951
Daniel E. Garvey
1948 to 1951

Born in Mississippi, Garvey graduated from St. Aloysius College. He served as a councilman in Tucson, treasurers of Pima County and Tucson, assistant to the secretary of state, and secretary of state. Read more on

John Howard Pyle Gubernatorial term 1951-1955
John Howard Pyle
1951 to 1955

Born in Sheridan, Wyoming, Pyle earned honorary LL.D. degrees from Redlands University, Chapman College, Arizona State University, Lebanon College, and Bradley University. Read more on

Ernest W. McFarland Gubernatorial term 1955-1959
Ernest W. McFarland
1955 to 1959

Born in Oklahoma, McFarland attended East Central Oklahoma Teachers College, the University of Oklahoma, Stanford, and the U of A and ASU, where he earned honorary LL.D.'s. Read more on

Paul J. Fannin Gubernatorial term 1959-1965
Paul J. Fannin
1959 to 1966

Born in Ashland, Kentucky, Fannin attended the University of Arizona, and graduated from Stanford University with a degree in business administration. Read more on

Samuel P. Goddard Gubernatorial term 1965-1967
Samuel P. Goddard
1965 to 1967

Born in Missouri, Goddard received a B.A. from Harvard and an LL.B. from U of A. He served in the Air Force during World War II and as a member of the White House Conference on Children and Youth. Read more on

John R. Williams Gubernatorial term 1967-1975
John R. "Jack" Williams
1967 to 1975

Born in Los Angeles, California, Jack Williams attended Phoenix Junior College. He worked at Radio Station KOY where he was one of Arizona's most listened to radio voices for 40 years. Read more on

Raul H. Castro Gubernatorial Term 1975-1977
Raul H. Castro
1975 to 1977

Born in Sonora, Mexico, Castro became a naturalized American citizen in 1939. He received a B.A. degree from NAU, served as an official with the U.S. Foreign Service and earned a J.D. degree from U of A. Read more on

Harvey Wesley Bolin Gubernatorial term 1977-1978
Harvey Wesley Bolin
1977 to 1978

Born in Butler, Missouri, Wesley Bolin graduated from Phoenix Union High School and Phoenix College. He served 13 consecutive terms as Secretary of State before becoming governor. Read more on

Bruce Babbitt Gubernatorial term 1978-1987
Bruce Babbitt
1978 to 1987

Born in Arizona, Bruce Babbitt received his undergraduate degree at the Notre Dame, received his master's degree from University of Newcastle, and earned a law degree from Harvard. Read more on

Evan Mecham Gubernatorial term 1987-1988
Evan Mecham
1987 to 1988

Born in Utah, Mecham attended Utah State Agricultural College (now Utah State University) but left school to join the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. Read more on

Rose P. Mofford Gubernatorial term 1988-1991
Rose P. Mofford
1988 to 1991

Born in Globe, Arizona, Rose Mofford worked in state government for 50 years with positions at the Treasurer's Office and Tax Commission, Arizona Highways magazine, and the Secretary of State. Read more on

Fife Symington Gubernatorial term 1991 to 1997
J. Fife Symington
1991 to 1997

Born in New York City and raised in Maryland, Fife Symington earned a bachelor's degree from Harvard University in 1968 and joined the U.S. Air Force after graduation. Read more on

Jane Dee Hull Gubernatorial term 1997 to 2003
Jane Dee Hull
1997 to 2003

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Jane Hull earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and also did postgraduate work in political science and economics at ASU. Read more on

Janet Napolitano Gubernatorial term 2003 to 2009
Janet Napolitano
2003 to 2009

Born in NYC and raised in Pittsburgh and Albuquerque, Janet Napolitano attended Santa Clara University and then law school at the University of Virginia. Read more on

Janice K. BrewerGubernatorial term  2009 to Present
Janice K. Brewer
2009 to 2015

Born in California, Brewer served as Arizona Secretary of State, as a Maricopa County Supervisor and a member of both houses of the Arizona Legislature. Read more on