The fiscally conservative, balanced budget invests in the things that matter — like fulfilling pay raises for teachers, providing salary increases for law enforcement personnel, upgrading Arizona’s roads and bridges and more.

Increasing Teacher Pay 20% By 2020

Arizona’s budget fulfills and protects the second phase of the 20x2020 plan — boosting teacher pay 5 percent this year and 20 percent by school year 2020.

Rewarding Public Safety Personnel

This budget invests in the people who keep us safe — delivering pay raises for state troopers, correctional officers, child safety caseworkers and more.

Boosting the Rainy Day Fund to $1 Billion

This budget brings the Rainy Day Fund to a record-breaking $1 billion balance, making sure Arizona is prepared for the next economic downturn.

Hiring More School Counselors and SROs

To protect the health and safety of our kids in school, Arizona's budget includes a significant investment to hire more school counselors and cops on campus.

Widening I-17 to Northern Arizona

Arizona’s budget adds funding to accelerate the widening of I-17, easing congestion and reducing delays on this critical route to northern Arizona.

Expanding the Arizona Teachers Academy

The budget includes dedicated funding to expand the Arizona Teachers Academy at ASU, NAU, and UofA addressing the teacher shortage.

Increasing Access to Child Care Programs

This budget includes $56 million of new funding to expand access to quality child care for low-income, working parents of as many as 5,000 children.

Growing Career And Technical Education

The budget invests in expanding career and technical education programs at high schools and community colleges to prepare students for jobs of the future.

Balancing The Budget Without Raising Taxes

While making critical investments in education, public safety, the Rainy Day Fund and more, this budget remains balanced — without raising taxes.

Boosting Additional Assistance Funding

Arizona's budget includes more flexible dollars for our schools to use for new textbooks, updated technology, support staff salaries and more.

Hiring State Troopers for Key Missions

Arizona is hiring 48 new State Troopers for the Border Strike Force, the Wrong-Way Driver Night Watch and the new Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway.

Increasing Funds to Address Homelessness

The budget restores funding to help vulnerable Arizonans access housing, including the homeless, low-income families and seniors with disabilities.