Executive Orders

EO Number Date Description Document
2016-02 01/11/2016 The Arizona Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force Download (237.58 KB)
2016-01 01/11/2016 The governor's council on the sharing economy Download (200.25 KB)
2015-13 12/16/2015 Relating to the Implementation of the Arizona Water Initiative (Supersedes and Rescinds Executive Order 2014-10) Download (382.32 KB)
2015-12 12/16/2015 Renewing the Human Trafficking Council Download (304.2 KB)
2015-11 12/15/2015 Renewal of Military Reuse Zone Designation of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Formerly Williams Air Force Base) Download (346.49 KB)
2015-10 11/17/2015 The Workforce Arizona Council (Superseding EO 2008-17) Download (231.34 KB)
2015-09 08/25/2015 Self-Driving Vehicle Testing and Piloting in the State of Arizona; Self-Driving Vehicle Oversight Committee Download (321.45 KB)
2015-08 07/30/2015 Governor's Council on Child Safety and Family Empowerment Download (535.18 KB)
2015-07 07/22/2015 Authorization to Arm Designated Members of the Arizona National Guard Download (231.13 KB)
2015-06 07/22/2015 Authority to Conduct Credit, Criminal and Other Background Checks Download (303.41 KB)

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