Opportunity for All

Governor Ducey is committed to creating more opportunity for all Arizonans by growing our economy, creating more jobs and improving our schools. The governor believes that to accomplish these goals, Arizona leaders will need to put politics aside and work together for all the people of the state. That’s why he has reached out to legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle, as well as mayors and business and community leaders in all corners of the state to find areas of common ground.

Growing the Economy

A strong and vibrant economy is essential to an Arizona that will provide opportunity for all. Arizona not only has a great business climate, but it’s a great place to live. But there’s more we can do. Governor Ducey wants Arizona to be the pace leader in the competition for the very best state in America to do business. A more competitive tax code will aid in attracting businesses already moving away from states like California and Illinois to Arizona. This will help middle-class families who have been hit hard in the current economy.

Balancing the Budget

Governor Ducey inherits a serious budget deficit because our state is spending more than we can afford. After his election, Governor Ducey formed a budget study committee, comprised of experts from the private and public sectors, to provide advice and recommendations on balancing the state’s budget. Doing so is going to require all sectors of government to tighten their belts. Just like Arizona families have had to balance their budgets, so will government. What Governor Ducey won’t do is raise taxes on Arizona families and businesses, which would stifle economic growth and make our state less competitive.

Equal Access to Education

Arizona has some great public schools, among the best in America, but Arizona’s children do not yet have equal access. Governor Ducey believes we can do better. Arizona’s children deserve a world-class education that will put them on the path to success. Governor Ducey is committed to ensuring parents have a choice of top-notch schools when deciding where their child should be educated. Governor Ducey also wants to get more money into the classroom – where learning happens.

Protecting our Communities

Ensuring our communities are safe and secure is a priority for Governor Ducey. His administration will be a partner with local law enforcement and the governor is committed to working with our congressional delegation to ensure border enforcement authorities have the necessary resources to address Arizona’s security issues.