Word On The Street: Uber Chooses Arizona

Governor's Office

December 23, 2016

“California may not want you, but we do.” – Governor Ducey

In January 2016, during his annual State of the State address, Governor Ducey made one thing loud and clear to entrepreneurs across the country: “I want startups in the sharing economy to know: California may not want you, but Arizona does.”

What better way to bring in the New Year than welcoming Uber driverless cars to Arizona?

On Thursday, Uber announced that the company will be doing just that: moving its self-driving cars to Arizona.

Here’s what they’re saying --


Los Angeles Times: Uber Has “Pulled Its Self-Driving Cars Off The Streets Of San Francisco” And “Is Transporting The Cars To Arizona.” “In a rare occurrence, Uber submitted to state authorities and pulled its self-driving cars off the streets of San Francisco. . . . Uber said Thursday it is transporting the cars to Arizona, where in the coming weeks the company will be ‘expanding our self-driving pilot,’ according to VentureBeat.” (Russ Mitchell, “Uber Pulls Its Self-Driving Cars Off The Streets Of San Francisco,” Los Angeles Times, 12/22/16)

San Francisco Chronicle: “Uber Sending-Self-Driving Cars To Arizona.” “Uber is moving its self-driving pilot to Arizona, one day after the California Department of Motor Vehicles ordered the autonomous vehicles off the roads in San Francisco. . . . In a statement Thursday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called California’s regulations ‘burdensome’ and said Arizona welcomes Uber’s self-driving car pilot with ‘open arms.’” (Trisha Thadani, “Uber Sending Self-Driving Cars To Arizona,” San Francisco Chronicle, 12/22/16)

CBS San Francisco: “Arizona Welcomes Uber Self-Driving Program After It Ditches California.” “A day after California forced Uber to halt the rollout of autonomous vehicles in the state, Arizona’s governor rolled out the welcome mat for the pilot program. In a statement, Gov. Doug Ducey said Uber’s decision to move its self-driving cars to Arizona was due to California’s burdensome regulations.” (“Arizona Welcomes Uber Self-Driving Program After It Ditches California,” CBS San Francisco, 12/22/16)

San Francisco Examiner: “Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Are . . . Going, Going, Gone.” “Only a day after the California DMV put a kibosh on Uber’s scofflaw self-driving cars in San Francisco, Uber is pulling its program out of the state all together. Uber’s self-driving cars are headed to Arizona, and are going, going, gone.” (Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, “Uber Sending Its Self-Driving Vehicles To Arizona,” San Francisco Examiner, 12/22/16)

San Jose Mercury News: “The Day After California Regulators Shut Down Uber’s Self-Driving Car Program In San Francisco,” The Company Announced That It Will Be Moving The Program To Arizona. “The day after California regulators shut down Uber’s self-driving car program in San Francisco, Uber on Thursday packed up its autonomous vehicles and hauled them to Arizona, vowing to resume testing there. . . . The company released photos showing its silver Volvo SUVs loaded onto the back of a semi truck owned by Otto — the autonomous trucking startup that Uber acquired in August.” (Marisa Kendall, “Uber Sends Self-Driving Cars To Arizona After Failed San Francisco Pilot,” San Jose Mercury News, 12/22/16)

TechCrunch: Uber “Clearly Wasted No Time” In Moving To Arizona. “An Uber spokesperson tells TechCrunch that the cars actually left for Arizona by truck on Tuesday morning, and that they will be deployed there ‘in the next few weeks’ with the full support of state Governor Doug Ducey. . . . California’s DMV said it had also invited Uber once again to complete its permitting process, a required step for any company looking to test autonomous tech on public roads in the state. Uber said it would instead look to deploy its vehicles elsewhere, and it clearly wasted no time in doing so.” (Darrell Etherington, “Uber Deploying Self-Driving Cars From San Francisco Pilot In Arizona Instead,” TechCrunch, 12/22/16)

Recode: “Uber Is Shipping Its Self-Driving Cars To Arizona After Being Forced Out Of SF.” “In the latest episode of Uber’s brush with the California DMV, the company announced that it is shipping the 16 self-driving cars it pulled off the streets of San Francisco to Arizona. That announcement came just hours after Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey tweeted that the state welcomed autonomous technology and that the company should #ditchCalifornia.” (Johana Bhuiyan, “Uber Is Shipping Its Self-Driving Cars To Arizona After Being Forced Out Of SF,” Recode, 12/22/16)

Associated Press: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Is Touting “Arizona’s Friendly Business Environment” And Saying That “Uber Should Ditch California.” “The announcement came after Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey took to social media on Wednesday and Thursday touting Arizona as an alternative to California for the ride-hailing company to test out its self-driving cars. Ducey, a Republican, sent tweets advertising Arizona's friendly business environment, saying Uber should ditch California for the Grand Canyon state.” (Astrid Galvan, “Uber Moves Self-Driving Cars From California To Arizona,” Associated Press, 12/22/16)

VentureBeat: “Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Flee To Arizona After California Shutdown.” “The company revealed that it has selected Arizona as the next state where the autonomous vehicles will be put through the ringer and riders should begin seeing them on the roads some time early next year.” (Ken Yeung, “Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Flee To Arizona After California Shutdown,” VentureBeat, 12/22/16)

San Francisco Business Times: Uber’s Self-Driving Program In California “Has Come To An End.” “Uber's autonomous vehicles experiment in San Francisco has come to an end. Following Uber's decision to pull its self-driving cars off San Francisco streets yesterday, the ride-hailing company today said those cars are on the way to Arizona.” (Antoinette Siu, “Uber Self-Driving Cars Leave San Francisco Streets For Arizona,” San Francisco Business Times, 12/22/16)

Reuters: Uber Put Its Self-Driving Vehicles “On Trucks Bound For Arizona . . . After A Week-Long Battle With [California] Regulators.” “Uber Technologies Inc on Thursday removed its self-driving test cars from California and put them on trucks bound for Arizona, shuttering the autonomous vehicle project in its home state after a week-long battle with regulators.” (Heather Somerville and Alexandria Sage, “Uber Takes Self-Driving Cars To Arizona After California Demands Permit,” Reuters, 12/22/16)

NBC Bay Area: Uber Is Taking Its Self-Driving Cars To Arizona “After Being Shut Down” By California. “After publicly fighting with the California DMV, San Francisco-based ride sharing giant Uber is taking its driverless show on the road, to Arizona. In a statement released to the press at about 12:30 Thursday, an Uber spokesperson says, ‘Our cars departed for Arizona this morning by truck. We’ll be expanding our self-driving pilot there in the next few weeks, and we’re excited to have the support of Governor Ducey.’” (Scott Budman, “After Being Shut Down By California DMV, Uber Takes Self-Driving Cars To Arizona,” NBC Bay Area, 12/22/16)

KTVU: Uber Is “Pulling Its Self-Driving Car Pilot Program From San Francisco And Moving It To Arizona.” “Uber says it’s pulling its self-driving car pilot program from San Francisco and moving it to Arizona. . . . Earlier this week Uber announced it was parking its self-driving cars that had been operating on San Francisco streets for over a month after state regulators pulled the company vehicle registrations.” (“Uber Sends SF Self-Driving Cars To Arizona After Backlash,” KTVU, 12/22/16)

KQED: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey “Has Been A Vocal Advocate Of Uber.” “Less than 24 hours after Uber announced it had pulled its self-driving cars out of San Francisco, the company says it’s shipping the fleet to Arizona. . . . Ducey has been a vocal advocate of Uber and competing ride service Lyft — and of autonomous vehicle technology. Last week, he took a well-publicized ride in one of Google’s self-driving SUVs and pronounced the trip ‘just an incredible ride.’” (Dan Brekke, “Uber Pulls Self-Driving Cars From S.F. Streets, Sends Them To Arizona,” KQED, 12/22/16)


Arizona Republic: “Uber Sends Self-Driving Cars From California To Looser-Regulated Arizona.” (Ryan Randazzo, “Uber Sends Self-Driving Cars From California To Looser-Regulated Arizona,” Arizona Republic, 12/22/16)

Capitol Media Services: “Uber To Switch Driverless Car Testing From California To Arizona.” “Spurned by California over safety concerns, Uber is moving the testing of its driverless cars to Arizona. But Gov. Doug Ducey said Thursday that will not endanger Arizona motorists and pedestrians. In fact, he contends it actually could make the state's roads safer — eventually.” (Howard Fischer, “Uber To Switch Driverless Car Testing From California To Arizona,” Capitol Media Services, 12/22/16)

12 News: “Ducey To Uber: ‘California May Not Want You, But We Do.’” “Uber announced Thursday that it will expand its self-driving car program to Arizona. . . . The move comes just a day after the ride-sharing service pulled its self-driving cars off California streets after it said California transportation regulators revoked registrations for the vehicles.” (“Ducey To Uber: ‘California May Not Want You, But We Do,” 12 News, 12/22/16)

AZ Family: “Uber Coming To AZ To Test Self-Driving Cars, Governor Says ‘Welcome.’” “Uber’s self-driving cars are coming soon to a road near you. The ride-hailing company made the announcement Thursday, much to the delight of Gov. Doug Ducey.” (Catherine Holland, “Uber Coming To AZ To Test- Self-Driving Cars, Governor Says ‘Welcome,’” AZ Family, 12/22/16)

KJZZ: “Uber Ditches California, Moves Self-Driving Pilot To Arizona.” “On Thursday morning, Uber loaded 16 cars onto semi-trucks and hit the road. The move comes after the ride-sharing company spent a week fighting with regulators in its home state.” (Christina Estes, “Uber Ditches California, Moves Self-Driving Pilot To Arizona,” KJZZ, 12/22/16)

Fox 10: “Uber Decision Could Have Big Impact On Arizona.” “An announcement by ridesharing company Uber could have a big impact on Arizona. . . . Just one day after Uber's decision, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is welcoming the company's pilot program to the Grand Canyon State, and even unveiled a banner to welcome the company, which has been placed near the State Capitol.” (“Uber Decision Could Have Big Impact On Arizona,” Fox 10, 12/22/16)


Wall Street Journal: Uber Is Moving “To The Friendlier Environs Of Arizona After Suffering A Regulatory Defeat In California.” “Uber Technologies Inc. is moving a test of its self-driving cars to the friendlier environs of Arizona after suffering a regulatory defeat in California over its use of the vehicles in San Francisco. The startup on Thursday said it would begin a test of the self-driving vehicles early next year in Phoenix, and it sent journalists photos of the vehicles leaving a warehouse hauled by a big rig. Uber touted the support for its experiment of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, who had issued a statement telling Uber ‘California may not want you, but we do.’” (Greg Bensinger, “Uber Moves Self-Driving Car Test To Arizona After Regulatory Defeat In California,” Wall Street Journal, 12/22/16)

USA Today: Uber’s Self-Driving Vehicles Are “Loaded Onto Trucks Headed For Arizona.” “Arizona governor Doug Ducey welcomed Uber's self-driving pilot one day after the California Department of Motor Vehicles revoked the vehicles' registrations. . . . The Uber vehicles were loaded onto trucks headed for Arizona on Thursday. ‘We’ll be expanding our self-driving pilot there in the next few weeks, and we’re excited to have the support of Governor Ducey,’ the company said in a statement.” (Jessica Guyunn, “Uber Dispatches Driverless Cars To Arizona,” USA Today, 12/22/16)

Bloomberg: Uber “Picked Up And Moved Out” Of California, Sending Its Self-Driving Vehicles To “Friendlier Territory In Arizona.” “A few days of regulatory tussles were enough for Uber Technologies Inc. to pull its fleet of self-driving cars from the streets of San Francisco and send them instead to friendlier territory in Arizona. The California Department of Motor Vehicles banned Uber’s self-driving cars from San Francisco on Wednesday, just days after they first deployed. In response, Uber picked up and moved out.” (Eric Newcomer and Ellen Huet, “Uber Ships Self-Driving Cars To Arizona After California Ban,” Bloomberg, 12/22/16)

Forbes: Uber Shipped Its Self-Driving Vehicles To Arizona “Following A Puzzling Standoff With California.” “Uber packed up its fleet of self-driving Volvo XC90 SUVs from its home city of San Francisco on Thursday and shipped them to Arizona following a puzzling standoff with California over a requirement that the ride-hailing giant get a $150 permit before testing the high-tech vehicles on public roads. Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on the matter, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey welcomed the ride-hailing company to his state on Thursday, saying in a statement that ‘California may not want you, but we do.’” (Alan Ohnsman, “Uber Ships San Francisco Self-Driving Fleet To Arizona After California Standoff,” Forbes, 12/22/16)

CNN Money: Uber’s Self-Driving Program Will Move To Arizona Because Of A Regulatory “Roadblock” In California. “Uber's self-driving cars are moving to Arizona. . . . Governor Ducey published a statement on Thursday welcoming Uber and criticizing California for its ‘burdensome’ laws. Arizona's regulations regarding autonomous vehicle testing are not as strict as California's.” (Selena Larson, “Uber To Test Self-Driving Cars In Arizona After California Roadblock,” CNN Money, 12/22/16)

Business Insider: California Regulators “Delivered A Death-Blow” To Uber’s Self-Driving Vehicle Program. “After a week-long feud with California regulators, Uber's self-driving car program is leaving the state after regulators delivered a death-blow to its self-driving car plans. The cars left for Arizona on Thursday morning, where Uber will try to restart its self-driving car pilot, according to the company.” (Biz Carson, “Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Quit California And Leave For Arizona On The Back Of A Self-Driving Truck,” Business Insider, 12/22/16)

MarketWatch: “Uber Sends Self-Driving Cars To Arizona On Self-Driving Truck.” “After being defeated in efforts to test self-driving cars in San Francisco without a permit, Uber Technologies Inc. packed up its fleet of cars and sent them to Arizona on Thursday — in a self-driving truck.” (Jeremy Owens, “Defeated In San Francisco, Uber Sends Self-Driving Cars To Arizona On A Self-Driving Truck,” MarketWatch, 12/22/16)