I'm for Arizona standards

News Release

March 23, 2015


Hello, this is Governor Doug Ducey. 

Earlier today, I addressed the State Board of Education and tasked them to begin the work of replacing Common Core in Arizona. 

 As you know, I am against Common Core and spoke out against it on the campaign trail.  That has not changed.

 Like you, I have high expectations and am for high standards for our students. We cannot excel without them.

 So, Arizona’s standards must reflect the goals, expectations, and input of Arizona’s parents and teachers. 

I encourage every Arizonan to get engaged in this process of creating new standards and assist the State Board of Education in the work ahead.  Attend public meetings.  Make calls. Write letters. Use social media. Make your voice heard.

If like me, you are opposed to the federal government’s increased involvement in our K-12 system, this is the quickest, best and most responsible way to fix it.  If Arizona is going to be the best place in the nation to educate a child, then Arizonans must lead the way.