Governor Doug Ducey Issues Moratorium on Regulatory Rulemaking

News Release

January 5, 2015

PHOENIX – In his first official action, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey today issued an executive order implementing a moratorium on all new regulatory rulemaking by state agencies.

Fulfilling a key campaign promise, Governor Ducey’s order will promote and propel job growth by preventing burdensome, antiquated and unnecessary government rules and regulations on private sector employers.

“This moratorium underscores my steadfast commitment and pledge to create a pro-business environment that fosters long-term economic growth,” said Governor Ducey. “Onerous regulatory mandates on businesses are one of the greatest barriers to job creation. As a state that has yet to fully recover from unprecedented job losses during the recession, it is imperative that we take every possible action to ease the burden on Arizona employers and continue to move our economy forward. This order is a significant first step toward achieving that mission.”

Executive Order 2015-01 prohibits all state agencies from conducting any new rulemaking, except when changes to rules create efficiencies; protect public health and safety; are necessary to avoid violating a court order or federal law; and fulfill budgetary obligations.

Each state agency must provide to the governor’s office, no later than September 1, 2015, an evaluation of their rules and any recommendations to ensure consistency with the priorities and principles outlined in the order.

The executive order is effective until December 31, 2015. It can be viewed in its entirety here:
EO 2015-01 (176.79 KB)