Governor Doug Ducey Calls For An End To Education Inequalities

News Release

January 12, 2015

(PHOENIX) – In keeping with his commitment to ensure that every Arizona child has access to a quality public education, Governor Doug Ducey today announced in his State of the State address plans to create an “Arizona Public School Achievement District.”

Under this innovative plan, our state’s top public schools – schools that are at capacity and have waiting lists – would have new options to get more students through their doors. Once part of the district, these public schools could apply for use of empty schools and empty classrooms, so they can expand and put those kids where they belong – in the public school of their parent’s choice.

The plan also includes an “Access Our Best Public Schools Fund,” which allows these public school new options to borrow so they can bring down their debt service costs and spend more money in the classroom. These great public schools can also apply to become managing operators at schools that have been failing for three consecutive years, allowing more students the shot at a quality public school education.

“Our state has some great public schools, among the best in America, but unfortunately because of yesterday’s policies, many families are shut out of those schools,” said Governor Ducey. “They sit and wait, as their sons and daughters get another year older and their dreams of providing them with the best public education possible slip farther and farther away. This has gone on too long; I will not accept this inequality.”

Currently, there are nearly 400,000 empty seats in our public school system. Meanwhile, many of the state’s best public schools are at capacity and have waiting lists.