Governor Doug Ducey Calls For American Civics Bill

News Release

January 12, 2015

(PHOENIX) – A major component of his State of the State address and top priority for the Legislative session, Governor Doug Ducey today called on the legislature to pass the American Civics Bill, requiring all students to pass a civics test as a requirement of high school graduation.

Pointing to a recent survey in which 96 percent of Arizona students failed an elementary civics test, Governor Ducey called upon the Legislature to pass bipartisan legislation to help ensure Arizona children are properly educated about the history and bedrock principles of our nation. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has called this the “quiet crisis in education.” 

“This is an issue that can and should unite us,” said Governor Ducey. “These are our children, and not long from now, it will be for them to vote on who sits in your chairs and who stands at this podium. How can we expect them to meet the challenges of their day and entrust them to protect the principles on which this country was founded, if we are not preparing them for that task right now?”