“Good move” by Governor Ducey to Keep Schools Open Receives Praise

News Release

January 7, 2022


Governor Doug Ducey’s preemptive action yesterday to ensure in-person learning will continue in Arizona is receiving a positive reaction across the state and the country. The Open for Learning Recovery Benefit program provides relief for parents who may face financial and educational barriers due to unexpected school closures.

Check out the positive reaction below:

The Wall Street Journal: The Scandal of Chicago’s Teachers Union
The political scandal of the year so far is unfolding in plain sight in Chicago, where the teachers union has effectively shut down the public schools. Will this finally cause President Biden to speak up for children? Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is showing the way.

The National Review: Arizona Offers Funding for Students Impacted by Covid Closures to Switch Schools 
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey unveiled a new school choice program on Tuesday that will fund school tuition for students whose public schools close “for even one day” due to a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The Center Square: Ducey pre-empts remote learning push with up to $7,000 to homebound students
Parents in Arizona faced with the sudden prospect of their children’s schools returning to remote learning will have resources that Gov. Doug Ducey hopes will keep them working.

Arizona Daily Independent: Ducey Takes “Preemptive Action” To Preserve In-Person Classroom Learning
Leaders from both sides of the aisle in Arizona and around the nation agree that students need access to the classroom.

KJZZ: Ducey to provide financial support to certain families struggling with school closures
Providing these options is especially important right now to Ducey as schools are resuming classes after winter break and there are worries that the some may close due to staffing challenges, Harrier said, adding that the interruptions create challenges for working parents and school closures and virtual learning may be impacting students' academic performance.

KYMA: Arizona Governor wants to continue in-person learning for students
This option will coincide with guidance from public health experts and a new program will be made to provide relief for parents, funding up to $7,000 for education-related needs.

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