2022 State Of The State: Governor Ducey Calls On Arizona’s Congressional Delegation To Act Decisively On Border Security

News Release

January 10, 2022

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today urged Arizona’s congressional delegation to join the fight to secure our state’s southern border, protect border communities and ramp up funding for local law and humanitarian efforts.

In his 2022 State of the State address, Governor Ducey called on Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, as well as the state’s representatives in the U.S. House, to adopt a series of specific steps to end the public safety and humanitarian crisis at Arizona’s border with Mexico. 

“I’m calling on our United States senators to join this fight to secure our border. No member of the Arizona congressional delegation that actually cares about the safety of our communities should vote YES on any legislation until the president agrees to language that does the following: secures our border with a wall — a physical barrier and virtual surveillance, increases resources to the local communities that have been devastated by these dangerous open border policies, and makes it clear that our border is NOT open to illegal immigration.

“Senator Kelly, Senator Sinema… Check my website. We’ve even drafted the language for you.”

The draft legislation calls for: 

  • Completion of the border wall, physical barriers and virtual surveillance; 

  • A requirement that asylum seekers who have traveled through another country must have attempted to claim asylum in that country;

  • A requirement for asylum seekers to claim asylum at a port of entry; 

  • An increase in immigration judges; 

  • Additional funding for local law enforcement and humanitarian efforts; and

  • That the federal government or its representatives must make clear that the United States’ borders are not open for immigration except through a port of entry and through legal means.

“The takeaway: In Arizona, we will secure our border. We will protect public safety. We will not back down. We will fight this fight until Washington, D.C. finally acts.”

The Governor provided draft federal legislation to address key concerns in border communities and decrease the burdens on states. The language may be viewed HERE.