Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Extending Prison Transition Program

News Release

April 6, 2021

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation to extend Arizona’s Prison Transition Program and continue offering help to those who have served time, expanding on his administration’s commitment to public safety and responsible criminal justice reform.

“The Prison Transition Program is smart, proven and effective public policy,” said Governor Ducey. "I’m thrilled to see it extended so Arizona can help more inmates and continue to take a responsible approach to criminal justice reform. My thanks to the Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry for leading the Prison Transition Program, and to Senator Nancy Barto for sponsoring the legislation to keep the program going.” 

Senate Bill 1067 extends the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry’s Prison Transition Program until July 1, 2030 and expands eligibility criteria for those serving time. The program, which has resulted in strong reductions in recidivism, provides eligible inmates with transition services in the community for up to 90 days by partnering with private or nonprofit providers. 

Senator Barto, who represents Legislative District 15, said that the benefits of the program will extend to all Arizonans.

“Supporting inmates as they transition back to society enhances public safety and cuts down on recidivism,” said Senator Barto. “Senate Bill 1067 ensures the life-changing Prison Transition Program stays in place and expands inmate eligibility, which helps more people who served their time. My sincere thanks to Governor Ducey for signing a bill that will protect our communities and change lives.” 

The extension of the Prison Transition Program builds on Arizona’s work to reduce recidivism and help those who served time build better lives. Governor Ducey on March 9 signed legislation to prevent wildfires by allowing for additional partnerships to reduce the risk of wildfires on federal lands neighboring communities. The legislation aligns with the Arizona Healthy Forest Initiative, which builds on proven methods to protect communities while engaging individuals in state correctional facilities to equip them with new skills

In addition, Governor Ducey on March 24 signed three bills as part of responsible criminal justice policy in the state, ensuring Arizona continues to focus on public safety, while taking a responsible approach to sentencing reform and expanding opportunities for offenders after serving their time.