Governor Ducey Signs S.B. 1420 Regarding Consular ID Card Use

News Release

March 5, 2021

PHOENIX — Governor Ducey signed S.B. 1420 today. The bill authorizes the use of consular ID cards in Arizona. The signing letter below was sent to Secretary of State Katie Hobbs this afternoon.

Dear Secretary Hobbs:

Today I signed S.B. 1420 sponsored by Senator Paul Boyer. I'm grateful to the sponsor and the bipartisan majority of legislators who supported this policy that enhances public safety by offering a secure, reliable form of identification to be accepted in Arizona.

This legislation will ensure that law enforcement is able to quickly and accurately identify more of the individuals with whom they interact. This is critical to ensure safety for both law enforcement and the public. As a result of this legislation, more individuals will have biometrical secure forms of identification for interactions with law enforcement and other government entities.

The bill does not authorize any new rights or responsibilities for non-citizens. It simply recognizes that governments in Arizona will accept cards issued by countries who use strict biometrics identity verification techniques as lawful identification.

Douglas A. Ducey
State of Arizona


View the signing letter HERE.