Governor Ducey Response To Resolution Copper Project Setback

News Release

March 1, 2021

PHOENIX — The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced it has directed the U.S. Forest Service to rescind critical federal documents needed to move forward with the Resolution Copper Project, a mine that will be located near Superior, Arizona and is projected to create about 1,450 jobs and generate about $149 million annually in total employee compensation. Governor Doug Ducey released the following statement in response to the setback on the project: 

“I am extremely disappointed in the Administration’s decision to cease progress on Arizona’s Resolution Copper project, which is set to grow jobs and is estimated to create a direct and indirect economic impact of more than $1 billion to Arizona’s economy every year.  

“An effective and predictable regulatory environment is a critical factor in Arizona’s booming economy. In Arizona, we follow what works. Undoing lengthy, comprehensive, and already-completed federal environmental studies on a whim with the changing of federal administrations doesn’t work. This type of activity threatens an untold number of major projects in Arizona and around the country. I am calling on the USDA to reissue these crucial documents in a timely manner and continue progress on this job-creating project.”

The U.S. Forest Service was directed to revoke the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Record of Decision, two federal documents that represent a critical step forward for the Resolution Copper Project.