Arizona Declares Wildfire Awareness Week

News Release

March 29, 2021

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey declared this week, March 28 - April 3, Wildfire Awareness Week in Arizona to highlight wildfire prevention and preparedness and to encourage responsible fire management. 

“Wildfire season is here, and it’s up to all of us to make responsible decisions that will protect our state,” said Governor Ducey. “There are simple, but effective, ways we can all minimize the threat of wildfires, like limiting combustible material and vegetation near your house and making sure matches are out cold before walking away. Wildfire Awareness Week is an important reminder to practice responsible fire management and follow the guidance from safety officials to protect people, pets and property.”

To help prevent fires, Arizonans are encouraged to:

  • Ensure trailer chains do not drag (any spark can start a fire);

  • Practice responsible outdoor recreation and ensure campfires, matches or cigarettes are out cold before walking away from them; 

  • Be “fire wise” and protect your property by limiting the combustible material and vegetation within 100 feet of your house; and

  • Remember it is illegal and highly dangerous to fly a drone near wildfires.

The Governor this month signed the Healthy Forest Initiative to promote wildfire prevention in Arizona while also expanding opportunities for low-risk inmates in the state’s correctional facilities.

Additionally, Governor Ducey on March 22 joined the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management and fire safety officials to provide an outlook on the upcoming wildfire season

Arizona’s peak wildfire season typically runs from May through mid-July when conditions are windy, dry and hot. Wildfires ravaged close to 980,000 acres in Arizona last year, the second most severe year for total acres burned. Wildfires can start through unkempt brush, lightning and campfires, and have devastating effects on air quality, wildlife, people and property.

View the Arizona Wildfire Awareness Week proclamation HERE.