Happy Statehood Day, Arizona!

News Release

February 14, 2021

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today released the following statement in celebration of Statehood Day:

“This Statehood Day, we celebrate our boundless opportunities, diverse culture and the resilience of all Arizonans. From our beautiful landscapes to the welcoming atmosphere, friendly business environment and limitless possibilities, there’s no better place to live and grow.

“Courageous trailblazers like Senators Barry Goldwater, John McCain and Carl Hayden, Representative Mo Udall, Governors Raúl Castro and Rose Mofford, and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor helped build Arizona. Their unwavering dedication to serving Arizonans still impacts our state today. 

“Arizonans always step up for one another — especially in the last year. Medical professionals administering the vaccine day and night, volunteers working at food banks, neighbors supporting neighbors, teachers helping students in need, and much more. 

“Arizona has been the best state in the nation for 109 years now, and it will continue to be thanks to those who support others and expand opportunities. Have a safe and happy Statehood Day, Arizona!”