Arizona Applauds Passage Of Jake's Law

News Release

March 6, 2020

Earlier this week, Governor Doug Ducey signed S.B. 1523, also known as Jake's Law. The legislation, which fulfills a significant priority the Governor highlighted during his 2020 State of the State Address, requires health care insurers to cover mental health without additional barriers — just like they would cover an annual physical. Jake's Law was introduced by Senator Kate Brophy McGee and Representative Weninger and passed the Arizona legislature with unanimous support. 

Below are statements in support of the Jake's Law:

The JEM Foundation: "We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who helped us pass #JakesLawAZ. You honor our son & there is no greater gift. TY @dougducey, @KateMcGeeAZ, @JeffWeninger, @CCorieri, @AzPsychSociety, MIKID, @mha_arizona, @MitziEpstein @seanbowie, our Coalition and all who testified!" (LINK, 3/4/20)

Arizona Republic: Every Lawmaker In Arizona Just Voted For Better Mental Health Care. That's A Big Deal
"Senate Bill 1523 passed unanimously in the House and Senate and was quickly signed by Gov. Doug Ducey, who had previously made suicide prevention a priority in his State of the State address. The bill boosts state enforcement of federal law by forcing insurers to regularly report how they are complying and making it easier for patients to file complaints." (LINK, 3/4/20)

Denise Denslow, Jake Machovsky's Mom: "Thank you @dougducey, @KateMcGeeAZ , @JeffWeninger and all this who helped us pass this bill. You honor our son and there is not greater gift. Thank you for being incredible advocates and humans. #JakesLaw #JakesLawAZ" (LINK, 3/4/20)

KJZZ: Arizona Gov. Ducey Signs Mental Health Legislation In Response To Teen Suicide Rates
"Arizona Gov.  Doug Ducey signed new mental health legislation Tuesday that requires insurance companies to pay for mental health care the same way they cover physical ailments. It directs $8 million to cover mental health treatments for children and teens who are uninsured or under insured. Ducey said it’s a response to an increase in teen suicides." (LINK, 3/4/20)

Senator Kate Brophy McGee: Too many families have had to endure the tragedy of losing a loved one to suicide. Jake’s Law will help make sure no family is turned away from accessing the critical mental health services that can save a life.” (LINK, 3/3/20)

Arizona Association For The Gifted And Talented: "Thank you Governor @dougducey, Senator @KateMcGeeAZ, Senator @JeffWeninger and everyone worked hard to advocate for SB1523, Jake's Law. It was signed into law yesterday. A huge step towards supporting the social and emotional needs of AZ's Youth! #azgifted" (LINK, 3/4/20)

Arizona Psychiatric Society: "Thank you @CCorieri and Governor @dougducey for supporting #mentalhealth #parity and access to care that will help #StopSuicide and thank you @FoundationJEM and @CarlyFleege for your dedicated advocacy. #JakesLaw  is for all Arizonans!" (LINK, 3/3/20)

Representative Jeff Weninger: "This legislation is a big step toward preventing suicide and saving lives throughout the state. I am thankful to the advocates across Arizona who have stepped up to increase access to mental health resources and to Governor Ducey and my fellow legislators, who passed this law with unanimous support." (LINK, 3/3/20)

Arizona Capitol Times: "Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed Sen. Kate Brophy McGee’s, R-Phoenix, SB1523, which aims to improve accessibility to mental health care, monitor suicide in Arizona and find at risk groups and ensure treatment and support services are available to health care providers and those who need it." (LINK, 3/3/20)

Caitlin Gizler, Director Of Integrated School Based Services At Valle del Sol: "Anything that allows us to serve more children and not turn anyone way, despite whatever plan they might have or access to insurance, is going to help any kiddo and any family and ultimately help our schools be safer and stronger too." (LINK, 3/5/20)

Associated Press: Arizona Governor Signs Mental Heath Legislation Into Law
"Responding to a rapid rise in teenage suicides in Arizona, the House and Senate approved the measure unanimously and Ducey promptly signed it in a public ceremony... The measure directs $8 million to cover mental health treatments for children and teens who are uninsured or underinsured, whether they’re treated at school or by a private provider." (LINK, 3/3/20)

Angela Gamboa, Mother Who Lost Child To Suicide: "This bill is so important because it's going to help kids like my son who were suffering and are suffering [get] help." (LINK, 3/3/20)

Senator Sean Bowie: "Proud to stand with colleagues, advocates, and community members today at the bill signing, and proud to co-sponsor #SB1523. Thank you to everyone who helped pass this critically important bill to help combat suicide and support our young people. #JakesLaw" (LINK, 3/3/20)

Arizona Senate Republicans: "Thank you Gov @dougducey for prioritizing @KateMcGeeAZ’s #SB1523 and signing it into law today! #JakesLaw is now the law of the land, and is a step forward to preventing suicides in #AZ. Also, thank you @FoundationJEM for your endless advocacy! We got it done! #MentalHealth" (LINK, 3/3/20)

Arizona Medical Association: "The Arizona Medical Association and the Arizona Psychiatric Society Applaud Arizona legislators and Governor Doug Ducey for the passage and signing of SB 1523, respectfully named Jake's Law." (LINK, 3/4/20)

The Kennedy Forum: "Great news out of AZ—Gov. @dougducey just signed a new law to help insurance regulators enforce mental health parity throughout the state. SB1523, also known as "Jake's Law," was made possible by the important work of Denise & Ben Denslow at @foundationjem" (LINK, 3/4/20)

S.B. 1523 is named in honor of Jake Machovsky, an Arizona teen who lost his life to suicide in 2016 after battling mental health issues. Jake’s parents, Denise and Ben, were strong advocates as the bill moved through the legislature and work to end youth suicide and expand behavioral health services.