PRIMER: Preparing Arizona’s Future Workforce

News Release

February 6, 2020

Governor Ducey’s Fiscal Year 2021 Budget invests in Arizona’s public universities to help more students graduate with the skills and education needed to compete in the New Economy.

With a $35 million investment in the Governor’s budget, the New Economy Initiative will boost post-secondary attainment and increase the number of graduates in critical high-demand industries such as engineering and healthcare. Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona established focus areas to prepare graduates for the jobs of tomorrow.

Arizona State University plans to design and launch the largest center for engineering education and research in the United States. The university will grow enrollment at its engineering school by adding new faculty to increase capacity, as well as increase the accessibility of industry and government partnerships for research and development through its Science and Technology Centers.

Northern Arizona University will focus on preparing students for the healthcare industry, with a focus on programs for mental health services, physician assistants, physical therapy and nursing. The University will also expand programs within its new School of Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems.

The University of Arizona will focus on personalized medicine and cutting edge healthcare delivery models including the human immune system, expanded medical access as well as new healthcare strategies and tools. The University will also build on its strengths in the space sciences to advance space exploration and contribute to national defense.