Governor Ducey’s Top Priorities For 2020 Garner Support

News Release

January 13, 2020

Today, Governor Doug Ducey delivered the 2020 State of the State Address, outlining his top priorities for the year. 

Here’s what others are saying about the speech:

Arizona Board of Regents: “Governor Ducey has asked public universities to be problem solvers and economic drivers. With the New Economy Initiative, universities are doing exactly that. We are proud Governor Ducey recognized the innovative approach of the board’s New Economy Initiative, which will help us graduate more students for the critical jobs of today and tomorrow." (LINK, 1/13/20)

Arizona Republic: Gov. Ducey Seeks To Distinguish Arizona As Model For Others In 2020 State Of The State Address
“The governor did say state officials would work to connect the state's broader veteran population with new jobs, expand its suicide prevention program for veterans and open two new veterans' homes. And he said to expect legislation from Rep. Joanne Osborne, R-Goodyear, that would waive occupational licensing fees for veterans and military spouses.” (LINK, 1/13/20)

Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association: “'We feel Arizonans’ access to mental health is a major health care priority which is all too often overlooked. We commend the Governor for his leadership on this critical issue and look forward to learning more about proposed changes in state law he intends to pursue in the coming days,' said AzHHA President and CEO Ann-Marie Alameddin." (LINK, 1/13/20)

The Center Square: Ducey Touts Arizona's Growth, Pledges 'No New Taxes,' Less Regulations In 2020
“Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey touted the state’s growth and pledged no new taxes in the upcoming year during his sixth state of the state address. Reducing the state’s regulatory burden on citizens was also a highlight of Ducey’s address on Monday.” (LINK, 1/13/20)

ABC 15: Gov. Ducey Lays Out Plan For Taxes, Education, Infrastructure
"The Governor proposed what he's calling project rocket, it's to close the achievement gap for struggling schools. the state will provide the schools with extra money and help with strategies to help the students who are struggling." (LINK, 1/13/20)

NFIB Arizona: “Small-business owners are thrilled to hear that despite record state revenues, our governor will not be going on a spending spree with our taxpayer dollars. While states like our neighbor California and others like Illinois and New York continue to lose residents, Arizona is the No. 1 inbound state for a reason: Low taxes, reasonable regulations and a government that is open to small-business entrepreneurs." (LINK, 1/13/20)

Michael Crow, Arizona State University President: "Thanks Gov. Doug Ducey for emphasizing the importance of our state universities, strong public schools and educational access in today’s SoS. ASU is advancing leadership on all fronts and excited to help bolster our state’s resilience through the New Economy Initiative." (LINK, 1/13/20)

Rita Cheng, Northern Arizona University President: "I am honored to be in Phoenix for opening day and the state of the state address. I appreciate the Governor Doug Ducey emphasis on advancing the new economy and NAU looks forward to continuing to contribute to AZ’s talented workforce." (LINK, 1/13/20)

Associated Press: Arizona Governor To Close Prison, Calls For Veteran Tax Cut
“The governor also said he plans to boost funding for K-12 schools, including more money to fund school counselors and campus police officers. Last year, the budget provided $20 million in new counselor and officer cash, but schools applied for more than $90 million in funding.” (LINK, 1/13/20)

Arizona Capitol Times: Vets, Deregulation, Corrections, Education Top Ducey’s 2020 Priorities
“In his address to the Legislature, Ducey laid out a wide-ranging policy agenda that includes spending priorities in public K-12 and college education, infrastructure, criminal justice, water policy, tax cuts for veterans, and proposing insurers cover mental health.” (LINK, 1/13/20)

Avondale Elementary School District: "We continue to put our students first. Today, Governor Doug Ducey acknowledged Avondale ESD’s achievements in academic growth in his State of the State address. AESD had triple the average growth than other Arizona schools. Your district of choice!" (LINK, 1/13/20)

Children's Action Alliance: "The governor highlighted some bright spots for Arizona’s children. Among them, we commend him for calling on the community to help foster children aging out of the system to have better supports. One of CAA’s legislative priorities is to enable former foster youth aging out of the system to stay on their health plan." - Siman Qaasim, CAA President and CEO (LINK, 1/13/20)

The County Supervisors Association of Arizona: “Thank you, Gov. Doug Ducey for your leadership to expand broadband to rural Arizona and to bridge the ‘Digital Divide’!  The investment will provide high-speed cable to Arizona businesses and residents and enhance economic growth and quality of life in rural Arizona.” (LINK, 1/13/20)

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns: "‘We need to connect all parts of our growing state.’ Cities and cities and towns across the state of Arizona appreciate Gov. Doug Ducey's efforts to expand rural broadband. This will bridge the technology gap and expand opportunities and rural Arizona. #TheArizonaWay” (LINK, 1/13/20)

Arizona School Boards Association: "Gov Doug Ducey praises school leaders in AvondaleESD, DVUSD and Wickenburg ESD. Rightfully so, they have done amazing work. Work like this is going on in Arizona's district schools every day. Thanks for recognizing it. #SOTS2020" (LINK, 1/13/20)

Fresh Produce Association of the Americas: "State of the State! Gov. Doug Ducey is pledging to increase lanes on I-10 to Phoenix. This will help speed fresh produce from Nogales, gateway of Mexican produce, to Phoenix, one of the nation’s top growth cities. Government at the Speed of Business!" (LINK, 1/13/20)

Achieve60AZ: "We agree with Governor Doug ducey that education advances everyone and trade improves when we all work together and keep an eye on our goal: Achieve60AZ." (LINK, 1/13/20)

Joe Rodriguez, Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists: "Arizona is fast becoming one of the top CRNA and APRN states in the nation, thanks to SB1336 signed by Gov Doug Ducey in 2017, some big work yet to be done, but proud to be in my adopted home state!  #TheArizonaWay" (LINK, 1/13/20)