BREAKING: Governor Ducey Calls For Body Cameras For Every State Trooper

News Release

January 13, 2020

PHOENIX — During today’s State of the State Address, Governor Doug Ducey committed to providing funding to equip every Arizona State Trooper with a body camera. Referring to a recent attack on a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Trooper, Governor Ducey said: 

Incidents like these are reminders of the dangers our law enforcement face every day. These are the good guys, and we should do everything in our power to protect them. That’s why our budget includes funding to finally put body cameras on every state Trooper.

Governor Ducey’s Executive Budget will fund the purchase of 1,267 body cameras for the Department’s sworn personnel and other agency personnel assigned to DPS task forces to enhance trooper safety, improve agency efficiency, and promote public transparency. 

Governor Ducey continues to invest in the safety and security of Arizona communities, as well as our law enforcement officers. The Governor’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget provided $74.7 million for raises to public safety personnel, including $21 million for a 10 percent pay increase for State Troopers