Arizona Supports Governor Ducey's Balanced Executive Budget

News Release

January 17, 2020

Today, Governor Doug Ducey released his fiscally responsible, balanced Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2021. 

Here’s what others are saying about the budget:

Arizona Republic: Gov. Doug Ducey Unveils $12.3B State Spending Plan With Boost For Police, Schools
"Buoyed by even healthier than expected state revenue projections, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday unveiled a $12.3 billion spending plan for the next fiscal year that places two of his longtime priorities — public safety and education — front and center.” (LINK, 1/17/20)

AP: Poorest, Best Schools A Focus In Proposed Arizona Budget
“Gov. Doug Ducey proposed a $12.3 billion spending plan Friday that would send more money to Arizona's best-performing and poorest schools while boosting the budget for repairing schools and building new ones.” (LINK, 1/17/20)

AZ Mirror: Ducey’s $12.3B Budget Seeks New K-12, Public Safety Spending
"In the face of a nearly billion-dollar budget surplus, spending on Arizona students would return to 2001 levels in the coming year under the budget proposal that Gov. Doug Ducey released Friday, with projections to exceed the high-water mark of 2008 next year, when inflation is taken into account." (LINK, 1/17/20)

National Federation Of Independent Business Arizona: “There’s a lot to like for small business in the governor’s budget proposal. From what I’ve seen Governor Ducey’s spending plan doesn’t base itself on wishful thinking when it comes to expected revenue. It’s a budget mindful of the current economic conditions, cautious for the future, and moving forward from a position of strength." (LINK, 1/17/20)

University of Arizona President Dr. Robert Robbins: “Thank you Gov. Doug Ducey for your budget proposal that makes strategic investments in Arizona universities. We will develop the workforce that solves state problems & prep students to tackle 4IR challenges. Look fwd to working w/Gov & legislature to advance strong AZ budget.” (LINK, 1/17/20)

AAA Arizona: "Thank you Gov. Doug Ducey for your additional investment in traffic safety, especially the epidemic of impaired and wrong-way driving on #Arizona roads." (LINK, 1/17/20)

The JEM Foundation: “This is our story and we are fighting desperately to make sure this isn’t anyone else’s story. Thank you Gov. Doug Ducey for your leadership on this issue. TY for hearing us. TY for not just listening, but for acting. TY for your leadership. Our gratitude can’t be expressed enough.” (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona Psychiatric Society: “Thank you God. Doug Ducey and Sen. Kate Brophy McGee for making access to mental healthcare a priority for Arizona families and to JEM Foundation for sharing Jake's story to help save others.” (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona School Facilities Board: “Thank you, Gov. Doug Ducey, for including funding for K-12 school facilities and promoting #education. #TheArizonaWay" (LINK, 1/17/20)

Valley Partnership: "We applaud Gov. Doug Ducey for his Executive Budget Proposal which includes investments in critical programs that boost our state's economy and competitiveness!" (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona Citizens For The Arts: "We have some exciting news! Governor Ducey released his budget and it includes a $2 million appropriation for grants through the AZ Commission on the Arts! Please take a moment to thank the Governor for honoring the significant contributions that arts & culture make to Arizona!" (LINK, 1/17/20)

Greater Phoenix Chamber: “Great to see that Governor Doug Ducey has proposed an FY 2021 state budget that meets critical needs of Arizona & the business community. Investing in K-20 education, workforce training programs & infrastructure will help Arizona continue to thrive!” (LINK, 1/17/20) 

Secretary Of State Katie Hobbs: "Elections are the foundation of our democracy. We want to thank Gov. Doug Ducey for proposing a budget that reflects a clear commitment to the Secretary of State’s funding requests." (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona Commission On The Arts: "The Arizona Commission on the Arts is grateful to Governor Doug Ducey for his support of the arts and those who contribute so much to the beauty, vitality, and identity of Arizona communities." (LINK, 1/17/20)

Achieve60AZ: "Governor Doug Ducey’s budget for FY2021 includes support for education and workforce development across the board, from Pre-K-12 to higher education across all of Arizona. We need all of it to reach our 60% goal." (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona Child And Family Advocacy Network: "Thank you Gov. Doug Ducey for supporting Family & Child Advocacy Centers across Arizona with the investment of $500,000. This will benefit all victims that are served across the state. Thank you for being a voice for those in need, thank you for making this priority." (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona Game And Fish: "Thank you to Gov. @DougDucey for authorizing $3 million for AZGFD to renovate our hatcheries! Great news for the 350,000+ anglers who #FishAZ each year! Recreational sport fishing in Arizona has an economic impact of $1.47 billion annually & supports 20,038 jobs. #TheArizonaWay" (LINK, 1/17/20)

NAU President Rita Cheng: "Thank you @dougducey for fueling Arizona’s universities & advancing the #NewEconomy. @NAU looks forward to expanding healthcare programs & access to educational opportunities throughout the state." (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona Chamber Of Commerce And Industry President And CEO Glenn Hamer: “Arizona job creators are especially encouraged by the investments in our education system. More than 60% of all new spending is education-related, encompassing the education continuum from K-12, to community colleges, to universities.” (LINK, 1/17/20)

Gen Justice: “Arizona Gov. Ducey’s budget prioritizes getting children with disabilities and sibling groups adopted. The adoption subsidy for kids with severe disabilities doubles. For siblings, the budget affords a one-time stipend of $5,000 per child.” (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona School Counselors Association: "Thank you @dougducey for investing more money in the #SchoolSafety grant program. We appreciate your continued commitment to adding more #SchoolCounselors and #MentalHealth services for Arizona students. @azmfol @ASCAtweets" (LINK

Douglas Mayor Robert Uribe: "THANK YOU Governor @dougducey for supporting the ARTS!! Douglas, AZ is grateful to the Arizona Commission in the Arts for reaching our community and lifting our artists and organizations in meaningful ways. #DouglasAZ" (LINK, 1/17/20)

Childhelp: "Thank you @dougducey for becoming the first governor in Arizona history to recommend funding for Child and Family Advocacy Centers in the annual Executive Budget. Your leadership on this priority is making a huge difference for vulnerable children and families. #TheArizonaWay" (LINK, 1/17/20)

Arizona Board Of Regents Chair Larry Edward Penley: "Specifically, the executive budget for fiscal 2021 makes critical investments in ABOR’s New Economy Initiative, which will focus our universities on addressing Arizona’s needs and help us graduate more students to meet the demands of a skills-based economy." (LINK, 1/17/20)

Children’s Action Alliance President And CEO Siman Qaasim: "Still unpacking the details, but thrilled to see childcare investments, increase adoption subsidy, “grandma” (kinship) stipend doubled, and DAA accelerated restoration!!! #Azloveskids" (LINK, 1/17/20)

Senator Heather Carter: "Looking forward to working on a fiscally responsible state budget that prepares Arizona for the future #TheArizonaWay There were many exciting policy ideas in the 2020 State of the State and today @dougduceyreleases his ‘budget book.’" (LINK, 1/17/20)