Task Force To Prevent Sex Abuse Submits Recommendations

News Release

November 22, 2019

PHOENIX — The Justice For Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Task Force today submitted its recommendations for further reforms to support victims and help prevent child sexual abuse. Governor Ducey established the task force through an executive order issued at the State Capitol on May 28, 2019 at a ceremony along with survivors of child sexual abuse, victim advocates, and members of the Legislature. The signing of the executive order was followed by the signing of H.B. 2466, unanimous legislation that strengthened protections for victims by extending the length of time victims have to pursue civil action against perpetrators.

“Ensuring victims of child sexual abuse receive the resources they need to safely heal and seek justice is a priority,” said Governor Ducey. “These important recommendations, which were developed over recent months with input from law enforcement, child welfare and victims advocates, trauma experts, social workers and state legislators, will help Arizona take the next steps needed to protect and support those victims, as well as prevent future abuse. My sincere thanks to the task force’s co-chairs, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Chief Deputy Rachel Mitchell and Senator Paul Boyer, as well as everyone who dedicated their time and energy to develop these recommendations. I look forward to working with all members to implement them.”

The task force examined concerns and opportunities to enhance the protection of victims of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. The members consisted of representatives from the law enforcement community, the Arizona House of Representatives, the Arizona Senate and advocates of victims of child sexual abuse and more.

To view the recommendations, which were unanimously supported by the task force, please click HERE.