Beyond The Numbers: The Arizona Teachers Academy

News Release

June 4, 2019

During his 2019 State of the State address, Governor Ducey called for expanding the successful Arizona Teachers Academy, noting: 

So we turned it into reality and launched the Arizona Teachers Academy. Already, 221 students have started moving through the program. This year we plan to significantly expand it: more dollars, more support. We are going to create a pipeline of talent and the next generation of Arizona teachers.

Students in the program receive a scholarship covering their tuition and fees at one of Arizona’s three public universities in exchange for committing to teach in an Arizona public school. 

Arizona’s fiscal year 2020 budget invests $15 million to expand the Arizona Teachers Academy, helping Arizona create a pipeline of talent and the next generation of Arizona teachers.

Here’s what participants in the Arizona Teachers Academy have to say about how the program has enabled them to become a teacher →

Hannah D. — Arizona State University

“I had a desire to be a teacher since I was in eighth grade. When I heard about the Teachers Academy, I knew that this was an opportunity for me to become a teacher and be financially responsible. Now, I am able to not have to stress about my student loans as a teacher, but I am able to devote my time to becoming the best teacher that I can be.”

Emily S. — University of Arizona

“I wanted a program that would prepare me to manage a classroom, create compelling lessons, and be the best version of a teacher that I could be. I knew that the [Arizona Teachers Academy] program would do that for me. I plan on staying here [in Arizona] for the foreseeable future thanks to this program and all of the support of my mentors, co-teachers, and that the program has provided for me.”

Elizabeth S. — University of Arizona

“The Teachers Academy program has made it possible for me to do this particular program — it’s a year long intensive program to get a master's degree. It takes a lot of effort and there is not a lot of time to work a job as well. Being able to not worry about the tuition because the Teachers Academy… has enabled me to really put all of my efforts and all of my focus on becoming the best teacher I can be and being successful in the program.”

Karen L. — University of Arizona

“I decided I wanted to do something that had more impact on the world and had more meaning. If it weren’t for the Academy, I would not be teaching right now. I plan to continue to teach high school math. With the information and strategies that I have learned throughout the classroom, the program has really prepared me well.”

Tracy R. — Arizona State University 

“I knew I had always wanted to become a teacher. That excitement turned to fear when I thought, ‘How am I going to make this a reality?’ The teachers academy… has allowed me to fulfill my dream to become a teacher. Having the Teachers Academy has provided these opportunities that I would have never had before.”

Cherise W. — University of Arizona

“A few months after being accepted [to the Teachers Academy], that changed my world because I received funding that would help me pay for my education being a single mom of a 9-year old and working full time. When I got that extra funding, I knew that I was called to teach.”