Governor Ducey Signs Bill Making It Easier To Obtain Medical Records

News Release

May 7, 2019

PHOENIX  Governor Doug Ducey yesterday signed legislation eliminating a loophole that prevented Arizonans from obtaining their medical records. The issue came to light after the Arizona Republic reported on the story of Caitlin Secrist, a 21-year-old college student from Florence. Caitlin was prevented last year from receiving a life-saving medical procedure because she could not recover copies of her medical records from a hospital in Florence, Arizona that had gone bankrupt.

When Governor Ducey heard about Caitlin’s story, he directed his staff to intervene. Due to the efforts of Governor Ducey and a Maricopa County Superior Court, Caitlin was able to receive her medical records.

Yesterday, Governor Ducey, joined by Caitlin and her parents, signed S.B. 1169, ensuring that Arizonans do not find themselves in her same predicament. 

Arizona Republic: Arizona Changes Medical Records Law After Republic's Story About Student's Fight

“An Arizona college student forced to delay life-saving surgery because a hospital would not turn over her medical records is optimistic no one else will have to go through a similar ordeal. Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday signed a new law inspired by Caitlin Secrist's story in The Arizona Republic.”