Arizona Strengthens Protections For Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse

News Release

May 28, 2019

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today joined survivors of child sexual abuse, victim advocates and Arizona State Senators Paul Boyer and Heather Carter for a ceremonial signing of H.B. 2466. The bill, which passed unanimously in the Arizona State Legislature, strengthens protections for victims of child sexual abuse by extending the amount of time victims have to pursue civil action against perpetrators. 

“We cannot overstate the pain and trauma suffered by victims of child sexual abuse,” said Governor Ducey. “We know victims need time to process and understand what happened. They deserve the time to come forward. With this bill, Arizona is taking a stand to hold abusers accountable and provide justice to victims of child sexual abuse. This reform did not come easily, but progress on the really important issues rarely ever does. I want to thank Senator Boyer for his dedication to the children of Arizona.”

H.B. 2466 extends the amount of time victims have to take civil action against perpetrators of child abuse from two years to 12 years, allowing victims to pursue justice up to the age of 30. The bill also allows victims who did not have the opportunity to take civil action for their abuse due to the previous two-year limit to bring a claim against their perpetrator until December 31, 2020. In addition, the bill allows civil action to be taken against an organization that knew or had notice of the sexual conduct. The bill’s provisions allow victims of child sexual abuse to seek justice and receive relief from a perpetrator.

Before signing the bill, Governor Ducey announced the establishment of the Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Task Force. The task force will be dedicated to providing recommendations to the state for further reforms to ensure victims are entitled to safety, healing, justice and restitution. Members of the task force will consist of representatives from the law enforcement community, the Arizona House of Representatives, the Arizona Senate and advocates of victims of child sexual abuse.

See the Executive Order establishing the Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Task Force HERE.