Word On The Street: National Acclaim For Arizona's Universal Licensing Recognition

News Release

April 11, 2019

House Bill 2569, introduced by Representative Warren Petersen, was signed into law yesterday by Governor Doug Ducey, making Arizona the first state in the nation to allow universal recognition for occupational licenses.

The signing represents the fulfillment of a top policy priority announced in Governor Ducey’s State of the State address.

Learn more about House Bill 2569 HERE.

Here’s what others are saying about this historic legislation:

Arizona Republic: Plumbers, Barbers, Nurses And Other Licensed Professionals Won't Need A New License If They Move To Arizona. "Ducey signed a bill reducing licensing requirements for many jobs in Arizona and plans to sign another soon that reduces licensing for hair stylists. Ducey said... reducing occupational licensing has been a major focus of his administration." (Arizona Republic, 4/10/19)

AP: Arizona Becomes 1st To Match Out-Of-State Work Licenses. "Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Wednesday making the state the first in the nation to automatically grant occupational licenses to anyone who moves there with an unblemished credential from another state. The action removes a barrier for doctors, manicurists, home inspectors and just about anyone else who needs a license to do their job." (AP, 4/10/19)

Arizona Mirror: Ducey Signs Bill Recognizing Out-Of-State Occupational Licenses. "House Bill 2569, sponsored by Rep. Warren Petersen, a Gilbert Republican, allows people with occupational licenses from other states to practice their trades in Arizona without obtaining new license after moving here." (Arizona Mirror, 4/10/19)

KTAR: Arizona Will Now Recognize Out-Of-State Occupational Licenses. "House Bill 2569 provides universal recognition for occupational licenses in an effort to remove barriers for employment. Arizona is the first state in the nation to allow for the broad recognition, according to the governor’s office." (KTAR, 4/10/19) 

ABC15: One License For All. "Arizona is the first state in the nation to automatically grant occupational licenses...Business leaders see it as a boom for the economy because it will help fill employment demands in fields like nursing and building trades." (ABC15, 4/10/19)

Phoenix Business Journal: Arizona Now Allows Workers To Use Out-Of-State Occupational Licenses. "Arizona is the first state in the nation to grant such automatic reciprocity for occupational licenses... Since first being elected in 2014, Ducey has pushed to streamline business regulations including licensing requirements as a way to spur economic development in a state with one of the fastest-growing populations in the country." (Phoenix Business Journal, 4/10/19)

Cronkite News: Arizona Becomes The First State To Recognize All Out-Of-State Occupational Licenses. "Ducey, who has long championed deregulation, contends that a person’s skills are not diminished just by crossing state lines. The change will allow those who move from other states to 'work faster and without all the red tape,' he said." (Cronkite News, 4/10/19)

3TV: Arizona Will Recognize Licenses From Other States. "Arizona made history today by becoming the first state to recognize professional licenses which were issued in other states... State officials hope this will make Arizona more enticing for skilled professionals." (3TV, 4/10/19)

Chamber Business News: Arizona Becomes First State To Recognize Out-Of-State Occupational Licenses. "Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) on Wednesday signed House Bill 2569 into law after it passed with bipartisan support through both the Arizona House of Representatives and Senate. H.B. 2569... will allow anyone with an out-of-state occupational license or certificate in good standing for at least one year to obtain an equivalent license in Arizona without taking an exam." (Chamber Business News, 4/10/19)

Goldwater Institute: Arizona Is Now The First State To Recognize Occupational Licenses From Other States. "...if you hold an occupational license in one state and then move to a new state, you’re required to put in more time and spend more money on training—just to practice your profession in your new home. That was true in every state—until today. Governor Doug Ducey has signed HB 2569 into law, which makes Arizona the first state to adopt universal recognition for occupational licenses." (Goldwater Institute, 4/10/19)

Institute For Justice: Arizona Becomes First State To Broadly Recognize Out-of-State Licenses. "Thanks to a major reform signed earlier today by Gov. Doug Ducey, Arizona became the first state in the nation to universally recognize out-of-state licenses. Under the new law, Arizona will generally issue a license to new residents who were licensed for at least one year in another state, so long as their credentials haven’t been revoked, they’re not the subject of any pending investigation, and they don’t have a disqualifying criminal record." (Institute For Justice, 4/10/19) 

ASUNow: License To Thrive: Arizona Bill Would Allow Reciprocity For Regulated Professions. "The main advantage of license reciprocity is increased competition in licensed service sectors and, therefore, more choices and lower prices for consumers. It also makes Arizona instantly more attractive to workers and entrepreneurs already looking to relocate to Arizona to take advantage of our other competitive advantages, like climate and cost of living." (ASUNow, 4/9/19)

Washington Examiner: Gov. Doug Ducey Set To Sign Bill To Make Arizona The First State To Reciprocate Job Licensing. "Arizona, like most states, requires substantial training to grant licenses for a wide variety of jobs. Now, though, Gov. Doug Ducey is poised to sign legislation that would lower the barrier for entry for workers who already earned a license for their profession in a different state. The bill just passed by the legislature would give workers reciprocity if they were licensed for at least a year and in good standing with their home state licensing body or board." (Washington Examiner, 4/9/19)

Arizona House Of Representatives: Representative Petersen Applauds Governor Ducey For Signing Universal Licensing Bill Into Law. "HB 2569, which was sponsored by Representative Petersen... received bipartisan support in the Legislature. 'I’m grateful to Governor Ducey and my colleagues in the Legislature for making Arizona the first state in the country to offer universal occupational licensing recognition,' said Representative Petersen. 'By getting government out of the way and letting qualified professionals get right to work, HB 2569 will increase economic opportunity, create jobs, and grow Arizona’s economy.'” (LINK, 4/10/19)

Americans For Prosperity Arizona: Occupational Licensing Is Often Harmful And Unnecessary. Here’s How Arizona Eased This Burden. "As we work with everyone to prioritize reducing the remaining occupational licensing barriers that long-time Arizona residents continue to face, we applaud Arizona legislators and Gov. Ducey for taking a step forward in helping people come to Arizona and earn a living more easily." (LINK, 4/10/19)

Ivanka Trump: "Awesome leadership by Gov Doug Ducey and state lawmakers for passing a bill that grants universal recognition for all occupational licenses in the state of Arizona. Excessive occupational licensing harms economic mobility and hurts low-income workers. I hope other states follow!" (LINK, 4/5/19)

Jeb Bush: "Governor @dougducey continues to lead the way" (LINK, 4/11/19)

Steven Greenhut, R Street Institute: "Legislators in capitols across the country should emulate this new bill" (LINK, 4/11/19)

USAA: "Arizona Gov. @dougducey, surrounded by military spouses and USAA employees, signs the state’s new law allowing military spouses to carry over occupational licenses and certificates. USAA is proud to have helped shepherd the law through to today’s signing." (LINK, 4/10/19) 

Chandler Chamber: "Thank you, Governor @dougducey for continuing to ease the burden on businesses and ensuring Arizona is #OpenForOpportunity!" (LINK, 4/10/19)

Arizona Zanjeros: "As the first state in the nation to grant universal licensing recognition, #Arizona continues to solidify its reputation as THE place to move or expand your business. #LetThemWork #OpenForOpportunity" (LINK, 4/10/19)

Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association: "We applaud this innovative leadership of Governor Doug Ducey that will drive all industry and jobs for a stronger #AZ economy." (LINK, 4/10/19)

NFIB Arizona: "NFIB applauds Gov. Doug Ducey signing of Universal Licensing bill. Arizona’s first-in-nation law will help licensed individuals get to work as they flock to the state. #azleg" (LINK, 4/10/19)

Greater Phoenix Economic Council: "#NEWS: @dougducey signed legislation making #Arizona 1st state to automatically grant occupational licenses to people who move here w/ an unblemished credential, removing barriers for those needing a license to do their job." (LINK, 4/11/19)

Arizona-Mexico Commission: "Big news for #AZ! We’re now the first state to grant universal licensing recognition" (LINK, 4/10/19) 

Arizona Commerce Authority: "Under Governor @dougducey's leadership, #Arizona continues to be a national model for providing residents opportunities to succeed and helping businesses grow! #OpenForBusiness #AZAwesome" (LINK, 4/10/19)