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News Release

April 10, 2019

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PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today, joined by Representative Warren Petersen, Arizona legislators, members of the business community and many more, signed H.B. 2569, making Arizona the first state in the country to recognize occupational licenses for new residents. The signing represents the fulfillment of a top policy priority announced in Governor Ducey’s State of the State address.

Arizona is ranked a top-three state for economic momentum and the fourth-fastest growing state in the country. Yet as new residents move here, they often face daunting and unnecessary hurdles imposed by state government to start a job, even though they were licensed, trained and qualified for the same job in another state.

To help these new Arizonans get to work faster, Arizona’s licensing boards and commissions will now be required to recognize occupational licenses granted in other states during the licensing process, something already done for spouses of military personnel deployed to Arizona. The bill ensures public health and safety protections for jobs that require background checks or other safety requirements.

“With this bill, Arizona’s sending a clear message to people across the country: if you’re moving to Arizona, there's opportunity waiting for you here,” said Governor Ducey. “There’s dignity in all work. And we know that whether you make your living as a plumber, a barber, a nurse or anything else, you don’t lose your skills simply because you moved here. The bill we signed today protects public health and safety while eliminating unnecessary and costly red tape. It’s an Arizona original and should be a model for other states for how to work together and do the things that matter. My thanks to Representative Petersen for sponsoring this important legislation and to the many people who helped make this first-in-the-nation reform possible.”

“Arizona leads the nation with this common sense legislation to get rid of unnecessary burdens keeping people from employment,” said Representative Petersen. “I’m proud to have introduced this bill to get government out of the way and let qualified individuals moving to our state get to work. Thank you to my fellow members of the House and Senate from both parties for their support, and a big thank you to Governor Ducey for signing this bill and making it a reality.”

Governor Ducey made passing universal recognition of occupational licenses a top priority in his State of the State address, saying, “100,000 people will move here this year. There’s a job available for every one of them. Lots of them are trained and certified in other states… Let’s stop this foolishness. Pass Warren Petersen’s bill to grant universal recognition for all occupational licenses — and let them work.”