Word On The Street: Momentum Grows For Universal Licensing Recognition

News Release

March 6, 2019

House Bill 2569, introduced by Representative Warren Petersen, advanced through the Arizona House of Representatives last week, passing a key landmark to passage. House Bill 2569 would make Arizona the first state in the nation to allow universal recognition for occupational licenses.

Learn more about House Bill 2569 HERE.

Here’s what others are saying on this issue:

Wall Street Journal: An Arizona Occupational Welcome: “Arizona last year attracted more than 122,000 newcomers, many fleeing states with crushing regulation and taxes. Republicans are now giving overtaxed Californians and New Yorkers another reason to move to the state by making it easier to work and start businesses. 

Arizona Republicans this month introduced legislation to recognize other states’ occupational licenses, even if the courtesy isn’t reciprocated. Newcomers to Arizona would be required to hold a comparable license in another state for at least a year, and they could not have outstanding complaints, pending investigations or a disqualifying criminal history.” (Wall Street Journal, 2/18/19)

Caleb Trotter, Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation:“Recognizing Out-Of-State Work Licenses Good Idea.” “Even if you’ve successfully worked in your profession for years without a single customer complaint, you still may be required to undergo expensive and time-consuming training and examinations to continue your trade in Arizona.

This remaining regulatory barrier could be removed by allowing a practitioner from a state that declines to license their profession to submit a verified work history in the field in order to meet experience, training and knowledge requirements in Arizona and provide references to confirm the person’s competency for their profession or trade.” (Arizona Republic, 3/1/19)

Today’s News-Herald: Our View: Arizona At Forefront With Job Licensing Change: “Arizona is on the verge of becoming the easiest state in the nation for out-of-state residents to relocate and get to work.

A bill on occupational licensing that is part of Gov. Doug Ducey’s legislative agenda cleared the state House this week. In essence, it allows those people holding licenses in other states to use that license to qualify for an Arizona license.” (Today’s News-Herald, 2/28/19) 

R Street: Arizona Bill Recognizes That Workers Don’t Lose Skills At State Border: “The Arizona bill accepts the new applicant’s license provided that person was licensed in a state with minimum education requirements and work experience; has had the license for at least one year; has not had the license revoked or been disciplined by the regulatory body in the other state; and does not have a disqualifying criminal history. The new licensee must still pay the required Arizona state fee to the appropriate licensing board.

 This is hardly radical stuff. We’re the United States of America. Residents of every state live under the same federal government and share similar customs and regulations. It’s silly to prevent one state’s resident from working in another state until that person goes through an entire training process that he or she already has completed somewhere else.” (R Street, 2/11/19)

Chamber Business News: If People Want To Work, Let’s Let Them Work! "Under the new bill, professionals from other states who have held their license for at least a year and are in good standing in all the states they’re licensed in can practice in Arizona under the oversight of the corresponding Arizona regulatory agency.

It’s an effort that has caught the eye of national commentators. The Wall Street Journal in a recent editorial applauded Arizona policymakers’ licensure reform efforts. “By taking on the licensing cartels, they’re welcoming workers with open arms unlike, well, progressives in New York.'” (Chamber Business News, 2/22/19) 

Americans For Prosperity Arizona: “A step in the right direction, removing barriers for more people to get the opportunity to work.” Take a look at Governor Ducey's "Occupational Welcome" bill, which is a step in the right direction, removing barriers for more people to get the opportunity to work. #OpportunityForAll (LINK, 2/20/19)

Victor Riches, President and CEO, Goldwater Institute: “State government should not prevent Arizonans from pursuing their professions, earning a living, and improving their lives. The Goldwater Institute supports Gov. Ducey’s desire to continue lowering barriers to entrepreneurship so that Arizonans’ right to earn a living is protected.” (LINK, 1/14/19)

Jeb Bush, Former Governor Of Florida: “Good work Governor Ducey!”(LINK, 2/19/19)

Josh Smith, Researcher for The Center for Growth and Opportunity: “Exciting news that Arizona is considering universal recognition of occupational licenses!” (LINK, 1/15/19)

Prosper Foundation: “Governor Doug Ducey called for a bill to provide universal recognition for occupational licenses in Arizona. On Friday, Arizona Representative Warren Petersen introduced a bill to do just that.” (LINK, 2/5/19)

The Captured Economy: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Calls for Universal Licensing: “Though this is a reform all state would be wise to consider, it’s a particularly good idea for Arizona, and other Sunbelt states, which have experienced large population inflows over the past few decades, attributable in part to low housing costs (especially relative to neighboring California).” (LINK, 2/4/19)