Let Them Work! Bill Introduced To Reduce Barriers To Employment

News Release

February 5, 2019

PHOENIXIn his 2019 State of the State address, Governor Doug Ducey called for a bill to provide universal recognition for occupational licenses in Arizona. On Friday, Arizona Representative Warren Petersen introduced a bill to do just that. If passed, the bill would make Arizona the first state in the nation to allow for such broad recognition of out-of-state occupational licenses, reducing barriers to employment for people who move here.

“If you’ve been licensed to work in another state and want to move here, let it be known: Arizona will not stand in your way,” said Governor Ducey. “Our state is growing and we now have more jobs than people to fill them. As people move here, we want them to be able to work from day one. This bill helps ensure that, and I look forward to working with members of the legislature to pass it as soon as possible.”

“I’m proud to sponsor Governor Ducey’s plan to make Arizona first in the nation to offer universal occupational licensing recognition,” said Representative Petersen. Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the nation, with hundreds of people moving here every day. HB2569 will allow those people who held an occupational license in their state, to come to Arizona, get licensed and get right to work. For qualified professionals who move to our state looking to work, let’s get government out of the way and let them get to work.”

View Governor Ducey’s remarks on universal licensing recognition during the State of the State address HERE.

100,000 people are projected to move to Arizona in the coming year. New residents often face unnecessary and burdensome obstacles keeping them from starting a new job in Arizona, even if they were previously licensed for the same occupation in another state.

With year-end unemployment projected to reach the lowest level since 2007, Arizona has more jobs than people to fill them. Universal licensing recognition will take the next step in ensuring new residents can get to work faster.

The practice is already in place for spouses of military personnel deployed to Arizona.

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