Governor Ducey Announces Expanded Investment In Career And Technical Education

News Release

January 14, 2019

Ducey: “Education and our economy go hand in hand.”

PHOENIXGovernor Ducey during his State of the State speech called for a renewed focus on Career and Technical Education (CTE) to expand Arizona’s competitive workforce and prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

During the address, he said:

“Our education leaders are creating the "shop" classes of the 21st century-- it’s called Career and Technical Education -- CTE.

“Today, students in these programs are training to becoming nurses, pilots, pharmacists, bankers, firefighters and software developers -- all before graduation.

“These are programs we plan to build, expand and align with the jobs of tomorrow. And my budget will do just that.”

Research shows that 99 percent of CTE students graduate high school —a much higher rate than their peers not enrolled in CTE and have higher performance in math and reading and their technical skills rival professionals in the same trade. CTE programs also ensure that high school graduates can enter the workforce or advance to postsecondary education with the academic and hands-on skills they need to be successful. 

Details of this new investment will be included in the governor’s budget, which will be released on Friday. It includes incentives for public schools that produce students in high-demand professions and additional resources to build and expand programs at Arizona community colleges.

During the Governor’s Showcase at this year’s Inauguration, over 300 CTE students and educators from across the state displayed presentations at the Arizona Capitol showcasing what they are learning in the classroom.  

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