BRIEF: Arizona: An International Business Destination

News Release

October 4, 2018

PHOENIX — Since 2015, 49 California-based businesses have chosen to set up operations in Arizona, bringing more than 18,000 jobs and over $9 billion in capital to our state.

But, it’s not only companies and startups from our next door neighbor choosing to expand or set up shop in Arizona — our state’s high quality of life, low taxes and qualified workers have made Arizona a destination for international businesses as well.

In the last two months alone, five international companies have chosen to expand operations in our state, creating more than 2000 new jobs and investing over $48 million in Arizona.

Arizona will also be home to Skybridge Arizona, the first inland cargo inspections facility in the nation to house both Mexican and United States customs, helping speed up the transfer of goods between Arizona and Latin America.

Learn more about the latest international companies choosing to do business in Arizona:

  • ACRONIS. Headquartered in Singapore, Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection and hybrid cloud solutions, began operating in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2017. The company recently announced it would increase its investment in Arizona to $20 million and create 100 new jobs in engineering research and development. Learn more HERE.  
  • INFOSYS. Originally from India, Infosys, a global leader in next-generation services, announced plans to launch its first Technology and Innovation Hub on the West Coast in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Innovation Hub will hire 1000 workers and focus on autonomous technologies, Internet of Things (IOT), full-stack engineering and more. Learn more HERE.
  • AIROBOTICS. Israeli automated drone startup Airobotics launched its North American headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, bringing 83 new jobs to the state. The startup, which supports the mining industry, intends to eventually make the Scottsdale office its global headquarters. Learn more HERE.
  • TUSIMPLE. TuSimple, a Chinese global self-driving truck company, announced plans to double its current footprint and create 500 new jobs in Tucson, Arizona. The new positions will support its growing development program and range in fields from engineering and autonomous truck driving to office management. Learn more HERE.
  • AXISCADES. One of India’s leading technology firms, AXISCADES announced plans to set up operations in Tucson, Arizona — creating 320 jobs primarily in mechanical engineering. The company provides solutions for mining, aerospace, defense and heavy engineering and is a key supplier for Caterpillar, Inc. which announced an expansion in Arizona in 2016. Learn more HERE.