PRIMER: Investing In Arizona’s Local Entities

News Release

August 17, 2018

Arizona remains committed to supporting our local-level entities by ensuring they have the resources needed to conduct daily operations and fund local priorities.

The state’s enacted fiscal year 2019 budget makes significant investments in Arizona’s counties by providing a total of $40.6 million in funding relief, restoring funds tapped by the state during the recession. The funding relief provided frees up resources for county governments to put toward local priorities.

Here are some examples of the ways Arizona prioritized investments in Arizona’s counties:

  • Covering Judicial Salaries. The enacted fiscal year 2019 budget provides $13.1 million to cover 50 percent of judges’ salaries for Maricopa County by fiscal year 2020.

  • Relieving Operating Costs. Arizona invested $11.3 million to eliminate the county share of operating costs at the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections. The state budget also provided $3 million to fully offset the county share of costs for the Arizona State Hospital’s treatment of sexually violent persons.

  • Restoring Local Money For Local Roads. Of the transportation fees collected by the state, over $8.9 million will be restored to counties by fiscal year 2020. The funding relief continues Arizona’s commitment to ensuring transportation funds go toward infrastructure and transportation-related projects, especially in rural communities.

  • Eliminating Medicaid Contributions. This year’s state budget invests an ongoing $2.6 million to relieve counties from their contributions to the state’s portion of Medicaid funding.

  • Providing Additional Assistance. Pinal, Yavapai, and Mohave County will each receive an additional $550,000 in ongoing funds, for a total investment of $1.7 million in state assistance.