Governor Ducey Meets With The Family Of Pamela Hesselbacher

News Release

July 16, 2018

Pam’s Law Imposes Stricter Penalties On Reckless Drivers

PHOENIXToday, Governor Doug Ducey met with the family of Pamela Hesselbacher to discuss the passage of Pam’s Law, HB 2522, in Arizona. Following the meeting, they participated in a ceremonial signing of the bill.

In 2016, the life of Pamela Hesselbacher was tragically cut short by a reckless driver who was driving with a suspended license. While walking through a crosswalk in Chandler, Pam and her two children were hit when the driver ran a red light. The accident resulted in Pam’s death and serious injury to both of her children. 

Due to poorly drafted laws, the driver walked away with only a misdemeanor charge and no jail time even though he had a suspended license and failed to maintain high-risk insurance after a conviction for driving under the influence.

Pam’s Law seeks to close existing loopholes that prevented the driver in Pam’s case from facing felony charges. The law improves public safety by imposing stricter penalties on those who drive with a suspended license and commit traffic violations that result in serious injury or death. 

Following its passage in the legislature, Governor Ducey signed HB 2522 into law on May 16, 2018, ensuring that bad actors will be held accountable. 

“I was so honored to meet with the Hesselbacher family, and I’m grateful for their work in championing this important legislation” said Governor Ducey. “We cannot bring back a precious life gone too soon, but we can make sure that justice is served for future victims and their families. With the passage of Pam’s Law, wrongdoers will be held responsible for their actions.”