Governor Ducey Honors State Trooper Tyler Edenhofer

News Release

July 30, 2018

Governor Ducey delivered the following remarks at a candle light vigil honoring the life of State Trooper Tyler Edenhofer on July 30, 2018 at the Fallen Officer Memorial at the Wesley Bolin Plaza.

On the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in our nation’s capitol are inscribed the words: "It is not how these officers died that made them heroes, it is how they lived."

We gather tonight to honor and remember the life of one of these heroes. One who truly did live the life of a hero.

Just three short months ago, I stood before DPS Class 508 to honor the blood, sweat and tears shed to get through their intensive training. 

As I congratulated each member of that class, it was and still is inconceivable that I would be standing before you tonight, mourning the loss of one of them.

Trooper Tyler Edenhofer. Only 24 years young, he made public service and selfless sacrifice — to country and community — his life’s work. 

After serving in the United States Navy, he chose to continue his service to others with a career in law enforcement.

A son, fiancé, Veteran, friend, and brother.

To Trooper Edenhofer’s family: I speak for all Arizonans, when I say, you have the love and support of all of us. Our hearts and our prayers are with you.

The sacrifice made by Tyler, and by you, will not be forgotten.

From day one, the brave men and women of Class 508, like everyone in law enforcement, were ready and willing to give their lives for people they don’t even know.

It was an honor for me to look each of them in the eye, to thank them, shake their hands, and witness as they received a 7-point gold star to become Arizona State Troopers.

May 4, 2018 will forever remain in my memory, because now I know that among the heroes I met that day was Trooper Tyler Edenhofer.

Our prayers also remain with Trooper Dalin Dorris who was also shot that night and Trooper Sean Rodecap who was injured.

There were several law enforcement agencies and personnel that supported DPS and continue to do so at this difficult time. I want to say thank you to everyone for their ongoing support.

Even as we gather here tonight, brave women and men like Tyler are out in our communities, seeing things we will never see, and experiencing danger we will never experience.

It is because of them — their bravery, their courage, their valor, their empathy — and the sacrifice of them and their loved ones — that we can lay our heads down at night and sleep in peace.

They are the ones looking out for us.

And they are the ones — no matter what changes around us — that we can always look to for a reminder that trust, integrity and honor still exist in this world.

We see it in Tyler Edenhofer. And we see it in countless others here tonight.

May we honor Trooper Edenhofer’s bravery  and service by never taking his sacrifice or that of his fellow servants for granted.

May God bless him; may He watch over Trooper Edenhofer’s family; and may He watch over all of you who have sworn to protect our state and our nation.

Thank you.