Stopping “Hostage Loads,” Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Protecting Arizona Consumers

News Release

May 2, 2017

PHOENIX — Under a new law signed by Governor Doug Ducey, moving companies will no longer be able hold hostage a customer’s possessions over a payment dispute. House Bill 2145, introduced by Representative Jeff Weninger and supported by Attorney General Mark Brnovich, protects consumers moving within Arizona and mandates transparency from moving companies.

“Moving is stressful enough,” said Governor Ducey. “Customers don’t need the added worry of having to deal with unscrupulous movers taking advantage of them. This legislation rightly puts an end to ‘hostage loads’ and ensures all fees and costs are disclosed from the get-go. I commend Representative Weninger and Attorney General Brnovich for their dedicated work to protect Arizona consumers.”

“The signing of this bill into law is a victory for consumer protection in Arizona, and I thank Governor Ducey for supporting this commonsense legislation,” said Representative Jeff Weninger. “This bill creates a much-needed relationship of trust between the customers and moving companies ensuring consumers can be certain their possessions and their wallet will be safe from predatory business practices.

I am proud to offer this legislation to protect my constituents and friends in my district and every Arizonan across the state.”

"Moving is hard, but this law makes moving a little easier," said Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “HB2145 gives Arizonans some much needed protection during the moving process. I would like to thank Governor Doug Ducey for signing this important bill and Representative Jeff Weninger for his leadership in sponsoring the legislation.”