AZ Legislature Adjourns

News Release

May 11, 2017

Last night, the Arizona Legislature wrapped up its legislative session, and it was a big success.

We passed bipartisan, common-sense legislation to improve public education, protect our most vulnerable citizens and expand the boundless opportunities our state offers. The vast majority of bills passed with bipartisan support.

Check out the links and videos below to recap a few of our achievements during this year’s legislative session:


A few highlights from the bipartisan budget we passed last week:

  • $68 million for a permanent 2% teacher pay raise over two years
  • $27 million in ongoing capital investments for universities that will enable over $1 billion in bonding
  • $37.6 million for results-based funding at public schools, half of which is earmarked for teacher raises
  • $80 million for the construction and maintenance of school facilities
  • $3 million in matching funds for rural school access to internet connectivity/broadband generating approximately $100 million in total

Protected the privacy rights of students against the inappropriate sharing of their data by website operators. (Senate Bill 1314)

Strengthened Joint Technical Education Districts by letting them offer vocational education programs in order to participate in federal student financial aid programs. (House Bill 2248)

Expanded educational freedom by guaranteeing that all children in Arizona have access to the best educational opportunities in our state. (Senate Bill 1431)

Protected children from harmful exposure to UV rays by letting them bring sunscreen to school without a prescription. (House Bill 2134)

“Schools Can’t Ban Sunscreen Under New Arizona Law”

Made it easier for great teachers to get to the front of a classroom. (Senate Bill 1042)

“Legislature Passes Bill Expanding Teacher Certifications”


A few highlights from the bipartisan budget we passed last week:

  • $1.2 million to completely eliminate the state’s sexual assault kit backlog
  • $1 million to increase funding for kinship caregivers, often known as the “grandma stipend”
  • $2 million for enhanced services at Adult Protective Services
  • $269,900 for fire safety communications equipment and a Deputy Fire Marshal
  • $6.1 million to upgrade the Arizona Department of Child Safety’s outdated electronic management system

Ensured that all future rape kits in Arizona are tested. (House Bill 2268)

“Ducey: Arizona Will Test All Rape Kits Both Old And New”

Strengthened civil liberty and private property protections for Arizonans. (House Bill 2477)

“Sweeping Legislation That Will Reform The State’s Civil-Asset Forfeiture Policies”

Reduced the regulatory burden on veterans by exempting members of the National Guard from licensing expirations while on federal active duty. (House Bill 2341)

Supported Arizona law enforcement by increasing the severity of the punishment for attacks on officers. (Senate Bill 1366)

“This Legislation Sends The Clear Message That Arizona Stands Firmly By Its Men And Women In Uniform, And I Am Proud To Sign It.” – Governor Ducey

Established a Gold Star memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza to honor the men and women in uniform who gave their lives to protect our freedoms. (Senate Bill 1327)

Helped adoptees build relationships with extended family members and close friends once they are of legal age. (Senate Bill 1380)

Held deadbeat parents accountable and increased the likelihood that families will receive the child support theyre owed. (House Bill 2192)

“Governor Ducey Signs Bill To Crack Down On Deadbeat Parents”


Made it easier to prosecute child sex trafficking and achieve justice for victims. (House Bill 2238)

Kept our streets safe and prohibited teenagers from texting while driving during the first six months of having a license. (Senate Bill 1080)

“The First Time In Years The Legislature Has Approved A Bill Addressing Cellphone Use And Distracted Driving”

Reduced duplicative licensing requirements for veterans, making it easier for them to find new careers and transition to civilian life. (House Bill 2271)

Enhanced public safety and kept our streets safe by prohibiting the obscuring or covering of license plates. (Senate Bill 1073)

“Gov. Ducey OKs Ban On Covers Shielding License Plates”


A few highlights from the bipartisan budget we passed last week:

  • $1.5 million for a post-release fire crew to give Arizonans a real second chance
  • $517,900 for substance abuse and reentry counselors to reduce recidivism
  • $220,900 for AHCCCS to combat opioid addiction​

Issued an executive order to ensure that inmates have the opportunity to be treated with Vivitrol before leaving prison in order to help their transition succeed. (Executive Order 2017-01)

“The Latest In A String Of Efforts . . . To Try To Curb The Growth Of Opioid Abuse In Arizona”

Established a review team to investigate every overdose death in Arizona. (House Bill 2493)

Empowered health care professionals by expanding the scope of practice of pharmacists. (Senate Bill 1269)

Protected patients from surprise medical bills. (Senate Bill 1441)

“New Arizona Law Offers Consumers Relief From Surprise Doctor Bills”

Sent a letter to the medical board making sure physicians in Arizona are equipped to address the opioid epidemic. (Office Of The Arizona Governor)

“Medical Professionals . . . See The Recommendation As A Helpful Step Forward”

Removed roadblocks for individuals who have served their time by allowing them to be employed as peer coaches in certain substance abuse treatment and re-entry programs. (House Bill 2196)

“Giving Arizona’s Ex-Convicts With Felony Records A Chance To Work Again”

Gave Arizonans a second chance by empowering licensing boards to issue licenses to otherwise qualified applicants with criminal records. (House Bill 2290)

Launched “Regulation Rollback,” seeking the publics input on how we can expand opportunities and bring government into the 21st century. (Office Of The Arizona Governor)

“Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Wants To Cut Business Regulations, Ease Licensing Rules”

Took a first step to ease the regulatory burden on aspiring hairstylists by streamlining an outdated licensing process. (Senate Bill 1130)

Issued an executive order seeking information from state boards and commissions in order to streamline Arizonas regulatory system. (Executive Order 2017-03)

Expanded economic freedom and protected the right to earn a living by empowering Arizonans to challenge unfair occupational licensing requirements in court. (Senate Bill 1437)

“Ducey Signs Bill Allowing Lawsuits For Licensing Roadblocks”

Lowered the liquor serving age to 18 so that young people can develop real-world job training skills. (House Bill 2047)

Protected taxpayers by banning taxpayer-funded contract lobbyists at all state agencies, boards, and commissions. (Senate Bill 1123)

Made Arizona the first state in the nation to pave the way for the deployment of 5G wireless communications. (House Bill 2365)

“First To ‘Streamline’ The Deployment Of 5G Wireless Communication”