Governor Ducey Signs Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Ban Into Law

News Release

April 10, 2017

PHOENIX  Governor Doug Ducey today signed legislation making permanent his 2016 executive order that banned taxpayer-funded contract lobbyists at all state agencies, boards and commissions. The executive order terminated state contracts with professional lobbyists and ended the practice of state entities spending public dollars on contract lobbyists.

“The days of government growing its authority at taxpayers’ expense are over,” said Governor Ducey. “State entities should serve one interest and one interest onlyand that’s the people of Arizona. I thank Senator Griffin and the Legislature for their work to make permanent the ban on state-funded lobbyists.”

Governor Ducey’s executive order followed an analysis by the Governor’s Office that identified approximately $1 million in public funds spent on professional lobbyists since fiscal year 2015. Because of inconsistent reporting, that figure may be higher.

A 2015 internal survey sent to more than 200 boards and commissions inquiring about state-funded lobbyists saw nearly 80 boards or commissions fail to respond.