Governor Ducey: Boost Teacher Pay

News Release

January 9, 2017

Governor Outlines Steps To Invest In K-12 Education, With Focus On Teachers And Low-Income Schools

PHOENIX — This afternoon, in his annual State of the State address, Governor Ducey outlined a number of plans to invest in K-12 education, especially in our public school teachers and low-income schools. His plans also include reforms to ensure we are getting results.

 Among his proposals, which will be further outlined in his budget proposal:

 1) A new commitment to increase investments every year he is governor in K-12 education, above inflation.

 “I have a commitment our educators can take to the bank,” Governor Ducey said. “Starting with the budget I release Friday, I will call for an increased investment in our public schools – above and beyond inflation – every single year I am governor.

 2)    A plan to provide a permanent and lasting salary increase to all of our state’s teachers—above and beyond raises they may be receiving from Prop 123 or overrides or from their district.

 3)    To help address the growing teacher shortage, the governor proposes the creation of an Arizona Teacher Academy by Arizona’s three public universities. The governor’s goal is that, if individuals commit to teaching in Arizona, their education will be paid for, a job will be waiting and they will be free of debt.

 4)    A $1,000 signing bonus to attract our best and brightest teachers to low-income schools across Arizona and close the achievement gap.

 5)    Reforming the teacher certification process to ensure that educators don’t have to jump through outdated bureaucratic hoops to offer their skills in a classroom.

 6)    Expanding voluntary full-day kindergarten, especially in low-income schools, to relieve hard-working parents and ramp up early literacy efforts.

 7)    Connecting rural and tribal schools to high-speed broadband, coupled with a statewide computer science and coding initiative to equip students with the tools they need in the 21st century economy.

 8)    Creating principal academies to train current and future school leaders

 9)    A loan forgiveness program for our STEM teachers.

 10) New investments for school construction and capital.

 11) Targeted investments to address the achievement gap.

 12) A per-pupil funding boost for public schools that are high-achieving.

 13) An even larger per-pupil funding boost for low-income public schools that are high-achieving.

 14) Investments in career and technical education.

 15) College knowing-and-going programs to ensure that high school students have the tools they need to go on to higher education

 16) Achieve 60 AZ: A statewide effort to boost post-secondary attainment

 A Look Back: A Few Of The Achievements We Shared With Arizona’s Teachers, Students, And Schools In 2016

Arizona Voters Approved Prop 123, Adding $3.5 Billion Into Our State’s Education System Over The Next Ten Years Without Raising Taxes. “Ahead by nearly 16,800 votes and with ever-widening lead, it now appears Proposition 123 has been approved. . . . Gov. Doug Ducey who put together the deal that went to voters, used that margin to declare victory.” (Howard Fischer, “Ducey Declares Victory On Prop 123 After Vote Margin Widens,” Arizona Capitol Times, 05/19/16; “The Executive Budget,” Office Of The Arizona Governor, January 2016)

Our FY 2017 Budget Injected An Additional $142 Million Into K-12 Education And An Additional $38 Million Into Universities, Above And Beyond The $3.5 Billion Through Prop 123. (“Executive Budget: Fiscal Year 2017,” Office Of The Arizona Governor, Accessed 01/09/17)

We Launched The First Annual Bookmark Design Contest To Demonstrate To Children That Reading Can Be Fun And Give Them A Chance To Showcase Why They Love Arizona. “Arizona Governor Doug Ducey launched his 1st Annual Bookmark Design Contest on March 15, 2016. Arizona children ages 5 – 12 are encouraged to design bookmarks showcasing a ‘Why I Love Arizona’ theme.” (“Gov. Ducey’s First Annual Bookmark Design Contest: #WhyILoveAZ,” Arizona Education News Service, 03/21/16) 

The Contest Received 1,800 Entries From Young People Within Two Weeks. (“Read On Arizona Literacy Summit,” Governor’s Office of Education, 08/23/16)

We Announced Ambitious New Educational Attainment Goals To Prepare Our Students For The Workforce In The 21st Century Economy: Equipping At Least 60 Percent Of Arizonans With A Certificate Or Degree By 2030. (“Preparing Students For Success In The Workforce And Community,” Governor’s Office Of Education, Accessed 01/09/17; “Achieve60AZ Broad Community-Based Alliance Launches Ambitious Goal to Boost Workforce Training and Educational Attainment for Arizonans,” Achieve60AZ, 09/16/16)

 Arizona Unanimously Passed Legislation To Provide $28 Million To Joint Technical Education Districts—With A Commitment To Ongoing Funding. (Senate Bill 1525, Arizona State Legislature, Signed 02/17/16)

 The Governor’s Office Of Education Hosted A Youth Town Hall For 110 Chief Science Officers (CSOs), 6th-12th Grade Students Who Are Interested In STEM Careers. “On February 19, the Governor’s Office of Education hosted a youth town hall for over 110 Chief Science Officers during their Statewide Cabinet Meeting at the Honeywell Aerospace Hangar in Deer Valley. Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are 6th-12th grade students elected by their peers to advocate for STEM and innovation in schools and the broader community.” (“STEM And Civic Engagement Come Together At Chief Science Officer Town Hall,” Governor’s Office Of Education, 03/04/16)

 The Town Hall Gave CSOs The Opportunity To Speak With Executives, Engineers, And Others At Honeywell About STEM Careers. “During their Statewide Cabinet Meeting, CSOs participated in a Town Hall led by Dawn Wallace, Director of the Governor’s Office of Education, and they explored a variety of aerospace technologies with Honeywell executives, engineers, and pilots.” (“STEM And Civic Engagement Come Together At Chief Science Officer Town Hall,” Governor’s Office Of Education, 03/04/16)

 Arizona Passed Legislation To Expand Educational Opportunities For Foster Children By Offering Enrollment Preference And Help Navigating The Often-Complex Education System After They Make Their Choice. (House Bill 2665, Arizona State Legislature, Signed 05/13/16)

 The Governor’s Office Of Education Launched The “Great Schools, Great Leaders” Initiative To Strengthen The Link Between Great School Leaders And Great Schools. “The Governor announced Thursday the launch of the ‘Great Schools, Great Leaders’ initiative and a $100,000 investment from the Governor's Office for the creation of the Beat the Odds School Leadership Academy. In partnership with the National Institute for School Leadership, the Academy will provide leadership training for current and aspiring public school principals and teachers.” (“‘Great Schools, Great Leaders:’ New Initiative Launches To Train Future School Leaders,” Governor’s Office Of Education, 09/29/16)

See Governor Ducey’s 2016 Annual Report for more information and details.