Governor Doug Ducey Honors Life Of Navajo Code Talker

News Release

September 7, 2016

PHOENIX - “Yesterday the Navajo Nation and all of Arizona lost a hero and patriot, as Joe Hosteen Kellwood passed away at the age of 95.

“Kellwood served with distinction in the 1st Marine Division as a Navajo code talker, ultimately helping lead the Allied forces to victory in World War II. Today, as Arizonans celebrate the life of this patriot, let us pray for his family, his friends, and the Navajo Nation. And let us never forget the countless contributions that code talkers made to our state and our country. 

“More than 430 Code Talkers answered the call of duty following the Pearl Harbor attacks. Most of these men had never experienced travel, seen an ocean or been trained for military combat. But, like so many other Americans from our Greatest Generation, Joe Kellwood and others from the Navajo Nation answered the call to defend liberty and freedom. ”