Governor Doug Ducey Takes Action On Firearms Bills

News Release

May 10, 2016

PHOENIX - Governor Doug Ducey today took action on three firearms bills. The governor signed SB 1266 (firearms; state preemption; penalties) and HB 2338 (educational institutions; firearms; rights-of-way).

Additionally, the governor has vetoed HB 2524 (uniform firearms transfer compact). His statement is below:

"Today, I was glad to sign Senate Bill 1266 and House Bill 2338 – two pieces of legislation that protect our Second Amendment rights. Earlier this year I signed House Bill 2224 (private firearm transactions; prohibited encumbrances), reinforcing my commitment to allowing the exchange of firearms without government intrusion. I have signed several other firearms bills, with a commitment to safeguarding our liberties relating to firearms.

Arizona has led the nation in ensuring the right of our citizens to keep and bear arms, and I intend to preserve that status.  That is why I’m vetoing House Bill 2524.

This bill is unnecessary. As a strong supporter of the Constitution, the Second Amendment and the Tenth Amendment, I believe it’s important that Arizona continue to chart its own course and retain its sovereignty. I see no reason for Arizona to tie ourselves to other states’ decisions on public policy relating to the transfer of firearms. We know what’s best for our state, and I trust the citizens of Arizona and their elected leaders to continue to make wise decisions to protect our Second Amendment rights, whenever and wherever those rights are infringed."

The governor’s letter can be viewed here.