Governor Doug Ducey Enacts Regulatory Reforms To Protect Job Creators & Small Businesses

News Release

May 19, 2016

PHOENIX – Governor Doug Ducey today signed six bills aimed at protecting job creators from excessive government regulations and burdensome licensing requirements:

HB 2337 (regulation; deficiencies; opportunity to correct)
HB 2487 (state agencies; preapplication authorization; limitations)
HB 2613 (regulatory boards; licensing; revisions)
SB 1256 (drug lab remediation; assayers; repeal)
SB 1388 (rulemaking exemption; one-year review)
SB 1500 (industrial commission of Arizona; omnibus)

In signing these bills, Governor Ducey kept good on his promise to begin the elimination of burdensome licensure of scores of odd jobs – regulations that are often designed to kill competition or keep out the little guy, including the elimination of licenses for talent agents.

State licensure is the most restrictive regulation on individuals looking to earn an honest living. Licenses should only be required when they are truly designed to protect the public health and safety. With these bills, Arizona has started the process of chipping away at unnecessary licensing regulations.

Additionally, among this legislation are provisions that allow businesses to correct deficiencies and comply with state law rather than being preemptively penalized; increase efficiency and speed in the licensing process to help applicants get to work easier and faster; and continue efforts to prevent government from imposing excessive rules and regulations on job creators.

“These reforms are consistent with my mission to make government more efficient and responsive to job creators,” said Governor Ducey. “Arizona is leading the nation in embracing innovation, helping small businesses and attracting new jobs. If we want to keep our competitive edge, we need to continually be looking for ways to cut through red tape, break down barriers to job creation and employment, and help Arizonans get to work easier and faster. That will continue to be our goal as we roll out the welcome mat for businesses big and small.”