Governor Doug Ducey Announces Action On Variety Of Bills

News Release

March 31, 2016

PHOENIX - Governor Doug Ducey today announced actions taken on 17 bills. Statements from the governor on key legislation of interest, as well as relevant letters and the full enactment list, are included below.

For questions or requests for statements on legislation not included below, please contact Annie Dockendorff ([email protected]) or Daniel Ruiz ([email protected]) from the governor's press office. 

HB 2224 (private firearm transactions; prohibited encumbrances)

"This bill protects the Second Amendment freedoms of Arizonans by allowing for the exchange of firearms without assessments or penalties imposed by state and local government.”

SB 1516 (campaign finance amendments)

“When it comes to free speech and participation in the democratic process, our laws should reflect the goal of making it easier for more citizens to engage. That’s what this reform package does. Arizona’s current campaign finance laws are a hodgepodge of confusing and complicated regulations, often deterring the average citizen from getting involved in the political process. Laws that relate to free speech should not be so complicated that everyday Arizonans willing to participate in public service have to hire lawyers and accountants to get involved. This is the first step in simplifying our laws and regulations to provide more opportunity for participation in the political process and increased freedom of speech."

SB 1197 (schools; cursive writing requirement)

The governor has vetoed SB 1197 (schools; cursive writing requirement). Read his veto letter here.

SB 1474 (human fetus; embryo; prohibited actions), SB 1485 (payroll deductions; charitable contributions; prohibition), SB 1324 (abortion clinics; medication abortions)

“The right to life is fundamental, and these reforms are consistent with my track record of supporting common-sense initiatives that promote the health and safety of Arizonans and protect precious human life. In light of recent allegations of unlawful practices and procedures on a national level, it is a responsibility I will not take lightly. I will continue to support efforts that affirm the protection of the preborn."

Read the governor's signing letter for SB 1324 here.

HB 2451 (release of prisoners; detainers; repeal)

“This bill is about fairness and holding everyone to the same standard of justice by eliminating a policy that currently results in two justice systems. If you break the law and commit a crime in Arizona, we expect you to serve your sentence, no exceptions. While some have tried to play politics with this law enforcement issue, the reality is this is a sensible public safety measure that ensures we have one justice system that applies to all. Public safety is the number one role of government, and in light of reports that criminals released early without serving their full sentence are committing crimes in our communities, we must stand for the rule of law."

Click here for the full updated list of bill enactments.