Governor Doug Ducey Severs Relationship With Private Prison Operator in Kingman

News Release

August 26, 2015

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today announced that Arizona will sever its relationship with private prison operator Management & Training Corporation (MTC) at the Arizona State Prison Kingman Complex following riots there in July. He has also instructed the Arizona Department of Correction to assess operations at all private prisons throughout Arizona.

Following the riots, which caused significant damage to the Kingman complex and resulted in the transfer of more than 1,200 inmates, Governor Ducey toured the facility, met with officials on the ground and immediately asked ADC Director Charles Ryan to conduct a full review and investigation into the incidents. That report was released today.

Among the report’s finding:

  • A culture of disorganization, disengagement and disregard for state policies by MTC.
  • Failure by MTC to conduct critical staff training, and withholding these failures from Department of Corrections monitors.
  • Failure by MTC to promptly and effectively quell the riots that allowed inmate rampage and property destruction, potentially putting Arizona citizens at risk.

“I would describe this report as scathing,” Governor Ducey said. “The report verifies the troubling atmosphere I observed when I visited the prison in July. Now that I have the facts, it’s time for the state to take action. Based on these findings, it is my intention to sever the state’s relationship with MTC at this prison, and I’ve instructed Director Ryan to begin that process, which he has. That process includes negotiating with MTC to assign the contract to a new operator, approved by the state. We also expect MTC – not Arizona taxpayers – to pay for all repairs and expenses related to this riot.”

“The state opened this prison 11 years ago this month – two administrations ago. And this is not the first time we’ve had problems there. But it is my intention that it be the last time we see problems there. This is about accountability. Our action should send a loud warning shot to all prison operators. Fail in your job, we will hold you accountable. Risk public safety, we will end your relationship with Arizona.”

In their investigation, Director Ryan and his team conducted approximately 300 interviews with employees of the prison operator, MTC, and some 400 interviews with actual inmates. They reviewed thousands of pages of MTC documents.

Read Governor Ducey's remarks from today's press conference, here.