Governor Doug Ducey Visits TechShop in Chandler, Holds Bill Signing for Pro-Business Crowdfunding Bill

News Release

April 15, 2015

PHOENIX - Governor Doug Ducey this afternoon joined elected officials and community leaders at TechShop Chandler Innovation Center to tour the facility, discuss the pro-business policies enacted this session and sign H.B. 2591 - bipartisan priority legislation that will help small Arizona businesses and start-ups grow and thrive in Arizona.

"This legislation reaffirms our commitment to making Arizona the most attractive, easiest place to start and grow a business," said Governor Doug Ducey. "Allowing entrepreneurs and start-ups to sell equity in their companies in exchange for public funding will help small-businesses raise up to $2.5 million, save businesses from going into debt, employ thousands of Arizonans and encourage investment in local companies. It's an all-around win for Arizona, and I want to thank Rep. Weninger and all the legislators who came together in a bipartisan manner to get this passed."