Governor Ducey signs bill making copper the state metal of Arizona

News Release

March 27, 2015

PHOENIX – Governor Ducey today signed bipartisan legislation making copper the official metal of the state of Arizona.

Senate Bill 1441 was sponsored by State Senator Steve Smith after a fourth-grade class at Copper Creek Elementary School in Tucson had the idea and reached out to him about it.

“These students helped create a bill that had bipartisan support and will now be forever part of Arizona’s history,” said Governor Ducey. “A crucial driver of our economy, copper is represented on our state seal and is one of Arizona’s ‘5 C’s’ along with climate, cattle, citrus and cotton. The significance of this bill goes beyond making copper our official state metal, but shows Arizonans what can happen when you learn about civics and engage in the legislative process. I am glad to sign this legislation into law.”