Five Great Things About Governor Ducey's Budget

News Release

January 21, 2015

1. He’s Putting #ClassroomsFirst ($134.1 Million Increase)

 Ducey's budget gives "a net increase of $10.4 million to the schools." -- The Arizona Republic, 1.20.15

2.  He's Growing The Economy

“Arizona’s job creators are ready to get to work with the new governor.” -- The West Valley View, 1.16.15


3. He's Shrinking Government


"New Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey moved Monday to make good on a campaign promise to shrink state government, announcing a hiring freeze and promising new systems for cutting waste and inefficiencies in schools and state operations." --  The Associated Press, 1.12.15


4. He's Protecting Taxpayers


"New Governor Doug Ducey unveiled his proposal for Arizona's budget while sticking to his campaign promise of no new tax increases." -- AZ Family, 1.17.15


5. He's Putting Arizona Back On Track


"He is confronting it (the budget). That's the job we hired him to do. The governor's budget, overall, is a solid attempt to do what voters asked of him." -- The Arizona Republic, 1.17.15